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Akona Scuba Gear
AKONA products are built for any adventure in any climate, any environment, and are uniquely designed for activities both below water and above. Engineered to be rugged, versatile and feature rich, all AKONA products are constructed for a lifetime of exploration.
Akona Evolution Roller Travel Bag
The Evolution bag Protects and conceals your equipment during transit. Specifically designed to allow access to the wheels and handle when employed.
Akona Deluxe Backpack
Akona Deluxe Backpack is the best backpack bag on the market!
Akona Snorkel Bag
The Akona Snorkel Bag is the perfect bag to carry on Caribbean vacations or anywhere you might need your snorkeling gear.
Roller Travel Bags Backpacks Snorkel Equipment Bags
Akona Boys/Girls CoolFrog Shorty
This suit features new styling and cut. It is a 2.5mm nylon II neoprene with tough flat-lock construction, YKK #10 zipper in back of suit, and a cold water flap at zipper panel.
Akona Boat Duffel
The Akona is the ultimate duffel bag for boat operations, and is the largest mesh-top duffel bag available.
Akona Womens 6.5mm Two-Piece Suit
This suit is made from the toughest 6.5mm nylon II neoprene and flat-lock construction. The suit is black with blue accents and come standard with: * YKK #10 zipper in back of suit.
Kids Wetsuits Duffel Dive Bags Womens 2 Piece Wetsuits
Akona Skin Suit
Our AKONA wetsuits are the most technologically advanced suits offered to date. Each has exceptional styling with an extraordinary fit.
Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack
The Akona Heavy-Duty Mesh Backpack is the nicest mesh backpack we have seen. Rugged and built for reliability.
Akona Tall Dive Socks
2mm nylon II neoprene socks utilize glue and blind stitched seams for a superior water seal. Redesigned to provide a better fitting, warmer dive sock.
Unisex Backpacks Dive Socks
Akona Deluxe Mesh Duffel
Akona Deluxe Mesh Duffel. 600D poly-natural fiber blend with polyurethane interior coating. Constructed of PVC coated high-strength mesh. Incredibly durable, water and stain resistant.
Akona Dry Shoulder Bag
Akona Dry Shoulder Bag 600D polyester double coated PU. Puncture and tear resistant material that withstand elements and abrasion. Thermal Fabric Welded for a waterproof bond.
Akona Mesh Snorkel Bag
This mesh snorkel bag allows for fast drying of all your snorkel equipment. Large enough to hold a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins.
Duffel Dive Bags Specialty Dive Bags Snorkel Equipment Bags
Akona Snorkel Bag Large
A great organizer for any water excursion!
Akona Small Mesh Drawstring Bag
Simple, lightweight drawstring mesh bag with carry handle. Perfect for anything and it goes anywhere.
Akona Camera Plus Bag
This Akona Camera Plus Bag is such a versatile bag! It has a completely padded construction, even padded handles with AKONA Velcro closure, shoulder strap, and outside zippered pocket.
Snorkel Equipment Bags Goody Bags Camera Cases
Akona Small Snorkel Fin Bag
Akona Small Snorkel Fin Gear Bag Keep your snorkel set in a well ventilated canvas bag ready for use in the pool or at the beach.
Akona Regulator Bag
The Akona Regulator Bag is the sinle most popular gear bag in the dive industry. Almost everyone carries this bag and you should too!
Akona Mens 6.5mm Two-Piece Suit
This suit is made from the toughest 6.5mm nylon II neoprene and flat-lock construction. The suit is black with blue accents and come standard with: * YKK #10 zipper in back of suit.
Snorkel Equipment Bags Regulator Bags Mens 2 Piece Wetsuits
Akona Mens 7mm Full Suit
With new styling and cut, this 7mm nylon II titanium neoprene suit is a relief in cold waters.
Akona BOOTIES 3.5MM Molded Sole Deluxe
New design provides a contoured and snug fit, creating a more comfortable and warmer boot!
Akona Tek Pack Backpack
The Akona Tek Pack bag has been designed using 600D Poly-natural fiber blend with polyurethane interior coating and 300D rip-stop material. Incredibly durable, water and stain resistant.
Mens 1 Piece Wetsuits High Top Boots Backpacks

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