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Brownies Hookah Systems
Brownie's is a vertically integrated manufacturer with complete in-house resources and design capabilities to suit every recreational hookah diving need. Brownie’s designs, assembles, tests and sells most of its equipment including everything from stitching gear bags to assembling air hoses for hookah systems.
Brownies Explorer 390 Hooka System
3 Divers to 80-90 feet. Created for families to allow three divers to enjoy diving to 90 feet deep or four divers to enjoy 60 foot depths.
Brownies Explorer 280 Hooka System
Supports 2 Divers to 70-80 feet. Brownies new two person unit revolutionizes Hookah diving. Our new entry level Third Lung dramatically reduces the cost of diving.
Brownies 3 Divers Compressor System
The Brownie's Third Lung Explorer 390 gives you the best "bang for the buck" of any Brownie's Hookah System!
Hookah Systems Hookah Systems Hookah Systems
Brownies Kayak 40ft hose set.
Leave your tank aboard and dive with freedom with this kayak hose set. 1/4 inch reinforced hose with quick release connections at both 1st and 2nd stage ends.
Brownies Third Lung Commercial 270 Air Compressors
The Explorer C-270 is equipped with Brownie's special twin head direct drive compressor.
Brownies Y Hose Divider
Y Hose Divider allows you to customize your hose configuration in seconds.
Hookah Systems Hookah Systems Hookah Systems

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