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Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Cressi Sub, manufacturer and distributor of professional diving and swimming equipment offers a wide range of products famous all over the world. From freediving, snorkeling, to scuba diving, Cressi Sub offers everything you need for your diving adventure.
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Mask
The Big Eyes has truly revolutionized mask design. Copied but never duplicated, the unique patented design angles the mask lenses which dramatically increases the divers field of vision.
Cressi Sub Comanche 75 Speargun
The Comanche series spear gun barrels are made of the highest quality anodized aluminum. All barrels are sealed, minimizing in-water weight, allowing for easy firing.
Cressi Sub Aqualight BCD
The Aqualight BCD is the perfect choice for the traveling diver, the Aqualight is weight integrated. Additionally, its lightweight, and utilizes aflexible soft backpack.
Dive Masks Spearguns Jacket & Vest Style
Cressi Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun
Cressi-Sub Comanche 90 Rubber Sling Gun Cressis popular Blue Water gun. Handle with 4 line releases, one below trigger. Synthetic rubber butt, Hydrodynamic muzzle in perfect alignment.
Cressi Sub Gara 3000
The Gara 3000 Combines all the high performance features of the Gara 2000 HF with a less rigid, more flexible blade. The Gara 3000 becomes the perfect choice for the free diver that free dives.
Cressi Sub Big Eye Mask, Snorkel And Fin Package
This package comes comes with the Cressi Rondine Pro Light Fins, Cressi Big Eye Mask and Edge Folding Snorkel.
Spearguns Freediving Fins Snorkeling Packages
Cressi Sub Mask, Fin & Snorkel Set
Cressi-sub Scuba or Snorkeling Set Set includes the Cressi-sub Pro-Star Fin, Big Eyes Mask and Alpha 2 Snorkel! The Right Angle on the Sea with Big Eyes!
Cressi Sub Archimede Ii Wrist Computer
Cressi Archimedes has been improved to incorporate the additional features of two gas compatability and a gauge mode.
Cressi Sub Gara 2000 HF
Cressi-sub has been a world leader in free diving design technology for over 50 years. Used by many world-class free diving competitors, the Gara HF utilizes Cressi-subs patented three materials.
Snorkeling Packages Nitrox Dive Computers Freediving Fins
Cressi Sub Fins Bag
Cressi-sub Fin bag also carries Spearguns. The Cressi-sub Fin Bag is a small backpack designed to carry light snorkeling, skin-diving or pool equipment, made from excellent, strong materials.
Cressi Sub Aqualight R BCD
Designed for the traveling diver, the 2006 Aqualight R BCD incorporates larger weight pockets. Its ultra light weight makes the Aqualight the perfect choice.
Cressi Sub SL Star 40 Pneumatic Speargun
For many years,the Cressi-sub pneumatic speargun has set a standard of functional dependability sought after by beginners to world class competitors.
Snorkel Equipment Bags Jacket & Vest Style Pneumatic Spearguns
Cressi Sub SL 70 Pneumatic Spear Gun
The Cressi Sub SL 70 Pneumatic Spear Gun is a legandary Spear Gun. For many years, the Star pneumatic speargun has set a standard of dependability.
Cressi Sub Frog Fins
Cressi-Sub Frog Fin is Now a standard in the industry, the Cressi-Sub Frog Fin has design features that make it not only one of the most economical paddle fins on the market, and one of the best.
Cressi Sub J111R W-Flight Control
Cressi J111R comes with the Flight Control System.
Pneumatic Spearguns Adjustable Scuba Fins Jacket & Vest Style
Cressi Sub Aquapro 5 BCD
Aquapro 5 is an innovative BCD that combines both weight integration with conventional weight system. A perfect BCD for the diver looking for minimal weight integration.
Cressi Sub Mini 3 Gauge Console
The Cressi mini-pressure gauge is a new pressure gauge that is small in size and a minimum weight, specifically designed to avoid excessive stress to the HP hose that connects it to the first stage.
Cressi Sub Moby 4 Rolling Dive Bag
The Moby 4 Dive Bag is a heavy-duty wheeled bag featuring an extra large storage compartment with large side pockets for fin storage.
Jacket & Vest Style Gauge Consoles Roller Travel Bags
Cressi Sub Ellipse Titanium Regulator
The Ellipse Titanium second stage regulator features a breakthrough patented design that utilizes an elliptical shape which allows for use of a larger diaphragm, resulting in less breathing effort.
Cressi Sub Big Eyes Optical Lenses
The Big Eyes optical lenses are available, ranging from - 1.0 throgh -5.0.
Cressi Sub S116 Bcd
A new addition to Cressi's extensive line of BCD's, the S116 is a fully weight integrated BCD allowing for the use of 30 lbs of weight.
Scuba Regulators Prescription Lenses Jacket & Vest Style

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