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Dacor Scuba Gear
For over 50 years Dacor has become an American legend, known and trusted by divers around the world. For millions of divers, professional and recreational alike, Dacor is the first name in scuba.
Dacor Viper America Regulator
Dacor Viper America Primary Regulator Features Slim Design, High-Performance 1st Stage and Dynamic Flow Control
Dacor Darwin Wrist Mount
The Darwin Wrist Mount Dive Computer from Dacor features all the characteristics required by the most demanding divers.
Dacor Darwin Air Nitrox Dive Integrated Computer
The Darwin Air computer is the most completely integrated dive computer you can get.
Scuba Regulators Dive Computers Dive Computers
Dacor Viper Metal Regulator
The Viper Metal Regulator by Dacor features a unique look combined with a streamlined shape, the simple and effective Dynamic Flow Control system controls airflow for consistent breathability.
Dacor Elite BC for Women
The Elite Buoyancy Compensator by Dacor is designed exclusively for women divers. Dacor has a long standing reputation for quality scuba gear and their Elite BC for women is no exception.
Dacor Capillary Wrist Depth
Dacor Capillary Wrist Depth. Dacors wrist style depth gauge works on the capillary principle.
Scuba Regulators For Women Depth Gauges
Dacor Bandit Dive Mask
The Dacor Bandit is extremely low volume and gives you the comfort of swimming goggles, but with your nose contained for equalizing and clearing.
Dacor Tiger Fins
This new yellow anatomical foot-pocket fin provides even more comfort, makes donning easier, increases sole rigidity, and enhances the effort of the finning stroke. New hi-tech technopolymers.
Dacor Bandit Mask and Snorkel Set
The Bandit Set Bandit Features an industry first, the lowest volume and lightest weight of any double lens mask available.
Dive Masks Adjustable Scuba Fins Mask Snorkel Combos
Dacor Stryker DL Purge Mask
Frameless design featuring the latest in dive mask technology, these masks are virtually unbreakable and weigh 20 percent less than traditional plastic frame masks.
Dacor Talon Air Trim BC
This version of the Talon jacket, with AirTrim pneumatic inflator (patented), is unique and constitutes a development of the traditional inflator vests.
Dacor Falcon BC
As the name implies, the Falcon BC from Dacor offers freedom and comfort in this, air all behind you design.
Dive Masks Jacket & Vest Style Jacket & Vest Style

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