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Evo Scuba Gear
Compare Evo scuba gear online with Read reviews and find the best price of Evo Scuba Equipment.
Evo Dry Backpack
The new EVO Dry Packpack is a very stylish but practical boat bag to keep all you-re clothing or personal items dry.
Evo 1.5MM Sock
The Evo 1.5mm sock adds a little extra warmth, but still allows you to easily and conveniently slip on your closed-heel dive fins.
Evo Lycra Sock
This lycra sock provides ample protection from chafing and blistering of the feet while wearing a full foot fin.
Backpacks Dive Socks Dive Socks
Evo 2MM Low Cut Boot
With durable standard soles, the Evo 2mm Low Cut Dive Boot offers comfort and traction.
Evo Mens 6.5 OZ Lycra Skin
Constructed of super stretch nylon/lycra fabric, the Evo 6.5oz Skin with stirrups will help protect you from scrapes and stings and help you glide into your wetsuit.
Evo Titanium Bc Knife
Enjoy the benefits of zero maintenance on this, corrosion free, titanium knife by EVO. Lightweight and compact and can be comfortably mounted on a BCD belt or strap.
Low Top Boots Mens Titanium Dive Knives
Evo 3MM Mens Fltlock Jumpsuit
One-piece warmth, simplicity and comfort. Jumpsuits are easy to enter, easy to maintain and offer full body protection. The rear zippers give you a smooth chest and a stylish look.
Evo Titanium Sheath Knife
Enjoy the benefits of zero maintenance on this, corrosion free, titanium knife by EVO. Lightweight and durable and can be mounted comfortably on the leg or BCD.
Evo Unisex 3MM Frt Zip Shorty
Easy to get in and out of, this unisex top quality suit is covered by Evo's lifetime warranty and is perfect for tropical diving.
Mens 1 Piece Wetsuits Steel Dive Knives Unisex Wetsuits
Evo 5MM Classic High Top Boot
This 5mm High Top Zipper Bootie has durable standard soles.
Evo Kids Jumpsuit 6/5/4
Now your kids can dive, snorkel and swim all year long. The 6/5/4 suit adds 6mm of extra protection to the chest and progressively thinner neoprene as it reaches out to the hands and feet.
Evo Shortsleeve Rashguard
Protect your skin from cuts, scrapes, stinging jellyfish and sunburn or just enjoy the ease of slipping into your wetsuit without tugging and fighting.
High Top Boots Kids Wetsuits Unisex

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