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Luxfer Scuba Tanks
Luxfer has pioneered the use of materials in high tech industries for over sixty years; extending the properties and enhancing the performance of these materials in high performance applications around the world.
Luxfer 80 Cubic Foot Tank
This is the most popular tank available. This is commonly used for training and as rental tanks.
Luxfer 100 Cubic Foot Aluminum Tank
The 100 cu ft. tank is popular with divers who are larger and require more air. Also popular with those who tend to do mostly deep dives.
Luxfer 19 Cubic Foot Pony Bottle
For a full 19 cubic feet of air, 19 cubic foot pony tanks measure just 20.5 inches by 4.5 inches. This makes for a compact tank with a lot of backup air supply.
Aluminum Tanks Aluminum Tanks Aluminum Tanks
Luxfer 40 Cubic Foot Tank
For the security of extra air, and a redundent air supply at a low price. This bottle offers 40 cu ft. of extra air. Colors: Yellow Only.
Luxfer Neutral Buoyancy 80 cu ft Buoyant Tank
Never be left in an uncomfortable position again. This neutrally buoyant tank will keep you in the proper attitude throughout your entire dive.
Luxfer 50 Cubic Foot Tank
This is the smallest of our tanks which is not considered a back-up or pony tank. This is an excellent tank for children just certified or adults doing shallow reef dives.
Aluminum Tanks Aluminum Tanks Aluminum Tanks

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