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Mares Scuba Gear
For 50 years, Mares has been recognized around the world as a manufacturer of advanced technology. Enjoy diving with advanced performance through superior technology with Mares products.
Mares HUB Avantgarde
Avantgarde is the next generation of the highly acclaimed H.U.B. design.
Mares Nemo Titanium Computer Watch
Nemo has four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Bottom Time, and Free-Dive (the special freediving function), to satisfy the most demanding divers.
Mares Mini Sten Spear Gun
Optimized for superior performance in a wide variety of spearfishing conditions. The Mares Mini Sten 42cm / 16.5in Pneumatic Speargun with Leg Holster is excellent.
Jacket & Vest Style Dive Computers Pneumatic Spearguns
Mares Dragonfly Aria BC
An exciting new lightweight BC from Mares. The Aria is cut to provide the maximum range of motion in a low-drag streamline style.
Mares M1 RGBM Dive Computer
The M1 RGBM is the most complete and easy to use dive computer on the market for recreational and technical diving.
Mares Vector Origin
The Mares Vector Origin is the perfect buoyancy vest for the diver who wants basic buoyancy compensation in a package that provides safe and stable cylinder control.
Jacket & Vest Style Dive Computers Jacket & Vest Style
Mares Avanti Quattro Power Fins
The Avanti Quattro Power Fins by Mares are a popular choice among instructors, divemasters, freedivers, warm water scuba divers and advanced snorkelers.
Mares Volo Fins
The Mares Volo is the only fin in the world to boast 8 patents. With Volo, your dives will be more comfortable and last longer, thanks to the increased thrust which results in reduced air consumption.
Mares Nemo Watch Computer
Nemo is the most complete dive computer-watch in the world, offering all functions for dives with or without decompression. It can also be used for Nitrox mixtures.
Full Foot Snorkeling Fins Adjustable Scuba Fins Dive Computers
Mares Cyrano 970 Pneumatic Speargun
The Cyrano 970 speargun combines pneumatic power features with new handling and extreme shaft speed.
Mares MR12 AXIS Regulator
The MR12 Axis Regulator from Mares features the historic, top performing, tried-and-tested, US Navy Approved MR12 first stage matched with easy breathing, simply reliable Axis Second Stage.
Mares Morphos BCD
The supporting structure is independent of the buoyancy bag, which, thanks to its unique shape, allows for optimal distribution of air and supports divers on the surface as comfortably.
Pneumatic Spearguns Scuba Regulators Jacket & Vest Style
Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator
The absolute Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator. This regulator, tested under the most demanding conditions, is the ideal companion for your dives.
Mares X-Vision Mask
Unrestricted field of vision. Thanks to its all-new design and innovative technical solutions, X-Vision offers a truly unprecedented field of vision, without limitations.
Mares Pegasus AirTrim BC
Traditional BC design, the Mares Pegasus AirTrim incorporates the AirTrim System, allows perfect buoyancy control. Our exclusive weight integration system, M.R.S.
Scuba Regulators Dive Masks Jacket & Vest Style
Mares Aliikai MRS Womens BCD
Aliikai, means "Queen of the Sea" in Hawaiian. It is the perfect women's BC for traveling, with a size, shape, and style dedicated to females.
Mares Cyrano 1100
The Cyrano 1100 speargun combines pneumatic power features with new handling and extreme shaft speed.
Mares Volo Race Fins
A combination of the exclusive and patented OPB and Channel Thrust systems, for a full-foot fin that has no rival. High performance with minimal exertion, maximum comfort and exceptional light weight.
For Women Pneumatic Spearguns Full Foot Snorkeling Fins
Mares Cyrano 700 Pneumatic Speargun
The Cyrano 700 speargun combines pneumatic power features with new handling and extreme shaft speed.
Mares 1mm Womens Revolution Dive Skin
Next to your skin, this could be the most comfortable suit you will ever wear.
Mares Opera Mask
Unique elegant styling and low internal volume make this a beautiful and distinctive mask. Its ergonomic shape adapts to virtually any face thanks to the soft hypo-allergenic silocone skirt.
Pneumatic Spearguns Womens Dive Masks

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