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Scuba Hides Tank Protectors
Show some style, protect your tanks and flash some attitude with custom tank covers from Scuba Hides. Choose from many different styles to choose from or personalize your own!
Scuba Hides Absolute Scuba Tank Skin
Absolutely cool! By far our most popular design to date, this skin speaks for itself, and says it all. Including that drinking and diving do not mix!
Scuba Hides Mountain Diver Tank Skin
Is scuba diving considered an "extreme" sport? WHO CARES!!
Scuba Hides Lung Candy Tank Skin
Need a little lung candy? Just shrink one of these on your tank and you will never wonder which tank is yours ever again!
Tank Protectors Tank Protectors Tank Protectors
Scuba Hides Jelly Fish Tank Skin
This beautiful design will add to the magical Zen of any dive.
Scuba Hides Pirate Ripper Tank Skin
The Pirate Ripper tank skin is our latest design...come to life!
Scuba Hides Replacement Shrink Sleeve Tank Skin
These are exact replacements of your original sleeve, great for keeping your tank and graphics looking their best!
Tank Protectors Tank Protectors Tank Protectors

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