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Spearfishing Specialties Spearguns & Accessories
Spearfishing Specialties specializes in building custom spearguns set up to suit the individual needs of each person. Their line of professional spearguns are of exceptional quality.
Spearfishing Specialties Sea Hornet Rhino W Commercial Muzzle 48
The Commercial speargun represents a unique departure from conventional speargun designs and concepts.
Spearfishing Specialties Seahornet 48 Magnum Speargun
Spearfishing Specialties 48 inch Mahogany gun. Based on the famous Sea Hornet style, but upgraded with thicker bands, 450LB. Mono retaining line, and a hybrid shaft.
Spearfishing Specialties Sea Hornet Rhino Classic 42
The Spearfishing Specialties 42 Rhino Classic is the perfect speargun for avid hunters. Extremely Durable Polyurethane Coating, Sure Grip Textured Finish, Speed Load Mono Line System.
Spearguns Spearguns Spearguns
Spearfishing Specialties Spear 1 Hand Pro Stringer
The Custom One Hand Stringer has a unique design which gives you the ability open the stringer with one hand. This can be an advantage because it allows you to keep one hand on the fish at all times.
Spearfishing Specialties Rhino Classic 48 Speargun
Classic Rhino Features High Durability "Polyurea" Coating Sure Grip Textured Finish Heat Tempered Spring Steel Spear Shaft 2, 5/8" Bands w/Stainless steel cables E-Z Stow 450 lb.
Spearfishing Specialties Sea Hornet Rhino Classic 36
The Sea Hornet Rhino speargun is a revolutionary new concept in wood speargun design.
Speargun Accessories Spearguns Spearguns

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