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St. Moritz Dive Watches
St. Moritz specializes in high quality sports watches, producing our own designs and also acting as agents for some well-known Swiss brands. Nobody is tougher on watches than SCUBA divers, and based on our reputation for providing customers with unparalleled value for money, it is no coincidence that St. Moritz has become particularly well known as a manufacturer of high quality diversí watches.
St. Moritz 2005 Black Aquamatic Dive Watch
The Aquamatic is the classic Divemasterís timepiece, with a 25 jewel, 2824-2 calibre, Swiss-made automatic movement. Powered by the motion of your wrist, this watch never needs a battery!
St. Moritz NEREOS Divers Chronograph
The NEREOS is the Ultimate diverís chronograph, with integrated depth gauge, automatic water-sensing bottom timer, and much, much moreÖ
St. Moritz Storm Black Dial Chronograph
The Storm Chronograph Features the ultra-reliable, Japanese made OS series Analog quartz movement. This new chronograph is the technical model in the storm collection.
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St. Moritz Momentum
A St. Moritz Momentum M1 Mens scuba watch is a powerful and versatile new sports watch from St. Moritz Watch Corp., the leader in specialty dive and water-sports watches.
St. Moritz Momentum M1 Kilauea with Divers Strap
The Momentum M1 is a powerful and versatile new sports watch, cementing the St. Moritz reputation as the leader in specialty dive and watersports watches.
St. Moritz Momentum Stainless Steel
A St. Moritz Momentum SS Band Womens scuba watch with various dial colors is a powerful and versatile new sports watch from St. Moritz Watch Corp.
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