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Trident Scuba Gear
An industry award winner for innovation and excellence in diving accessories, Trident is the world’s largest supplier to retail stores and distributors of sport diving and watersports accessories. With over 5000 different products, Trident offers a vast selection of scuba diving equipment you need for your next diving adventure.
Trident 2 Tank Holder With Gun Mount
This high end tank and gun mount allows you to secure your equipment to the sides of your boat with out having to drill into the fiberglass. Works on most non porous surfaces.
Trident Aluminum Underwater Noisemaker
This aluminum underwater noisemaker is perfect for getting your dive buddys attention underwater. Just shake it side to side to make the rattling noise, drawing attention to your position.
Trident Wrist Watchband Compass
Wrist Watchband Compass-Mini fits 3/4" Wrist Band
Tank Roll Control Noise Makers Compasses
Trident Compass Mini Slate W/Retractor
Easy view compass with mini retractor. Attach to your BCD for easy access.
Trident Dive Optix
DiveOptx allows divers to easily see objects at close range underwater. If you have a hard time reading your dive gauges or camera settings underwater, these lenses may be for you.
Trident Deluxe Tank Carrier
Deluxe tank carrier with leverage rings for a sure and tight fit.
Compasses Prescription Lenses Scuba Tank Carriers
Trident Honest Phil Indicator - 3300 PSI
The Honest Phil Indicator (for 3300 PSI working pressure scuba cylinders) is a must have for any diver that has their own scuba tanks.
Trident Optx Magnification Lenses Pair
Reading glasses for your mask! These inserts are removable and reusable and use no glues or messy adhesives. Just wash the mask and slide the lens into place. Dive Optix fits almost all masks.
Trident Extra Lg Slate 8X10
Extra Large slate, Includes attached pencil.
Pressure Checkers Prescription Lenses Dive Slates
Trident Squeeze Mesh Bag Lobster/Game/Gear
The lobster squeeze bag is the easiest one hand operated collection bag available!
Trident Magna Clip Lanyard
Instead of using a standard quick release buckle the Magna clip uses a magnet with a 5lb tension point for sure holding power.
Trident Pony Bottle Mount Kit
Our experts love this easy to install pony mount. Supported by the neck of the primary tank with a quick release buckle allowing for easy attachment and separation.
Lobster Gear Lanyards Pony Mounts
Trident Tank Banger
Simple to use underwater signaling device. Includes rubber band and ball.
Trident Subduck Signaling Unit SA 2
The SubDuck attaches to your low-pressure hose in-line with your BC inflator. Allows you to signal your buddy by producing a quack that can be heard clearly underwater.
Trident Flex Foam 2 Tank Rack
Flex foam tank rack, lightweight design works great in car trunks, trucks, and boats. will hold most tanks!
Noise Makers Noise Makers Tank Roll Control
Trident Fold Up Surface Flag
Economical personal dive flag stows in your pocket and unfolds, when you need it to 5 ft.
Trident Aplus Fish Stringer
Use this stainless stringer to hold your catch!
Trident Glow Slate 4X6
This 3 1/2" X 5 7/8" glows in the dark!
Dive Flags Hunting Accessories Dive Slates
Trident Fin Strap (RP63 BLK)
This black replacement Fin Strap has tapered ends with tab grip and grip strips on each side.
Trident Tank Rack Foam Double 2
2 tank flex foam rack, lightweight design works great in car trunks, trucks and boats. Will hold most tanks. Measures 19in x 6in x2in.
Trident O-Ring Kit
Replacement O-Ring Kit
Fin Accessories Tank Roll Control Grease & O Rings

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