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Featured Snorkeling Gear
Whether you need a new snorkel, or complete snorkeling package you have just found the largest selection online. We list snorkels, snorkel vests, snorkel packages and snorkeling bags. Buying snorkel gear is relatively simple, make sure that you refer to the sizing charts with regards to both your snorkeling fins and snorkel mask. For men we recommend snorkels that come in a larger bore, and dry snorkels are always the best for everyone. If you are looking for snorkeling packages for children please visit Kids Snorkel Packages.
Sea Elite Adult Snorkel Vest Yellow W- C02 Detonator

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Comes with c02 detonator installed cartrige sold seperatly . The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements.
Adult Snorkeling Vest

Miscellaneous Scuba Gear
High quality Adult Snorkeling vest for a safer and more enjoyable snorkeling experience. Easy to use, the snorkeler controls how much air is added via the oral inflation/deflation valve.
Dacor Bandit Mask and Snorkel Set

Dacor Scuba Gear
The Bandit Set Bandit Features an industry first, the lowest volume and lightest weight of any double lens mask available.
Sea Elite Snorkel Vests Miscellaneous Snorkel Vests Dacor Mask Snorkel Combos
Aeris Barracuda UltraDry Snorkel

Aeris Scuba Gear
The Patented Dry system in this snorkel make it one of the top picks of all the dry snorkels, and after diving it - you`ll know why.
Cressi Sub Big Eye Mask, Snorkel And Fin Package

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
This package comes comes with the Cressi Rondine Pro Light Fins, Cressi Big Eye Mask and Edge Folding Snorkel.
Oceanways Caribbean Vortec Bag Pkg

Oceanways Snorkel Equipment
This Package includes the vortec fins, caribbean mask & snorkel as well as a mesh carry bag.
Aeris Snorkels Cressi Sub Snorkeling Packages Oceanways Snorkeling Packages
U.S. Divers Coast Snorkeling Travel Bag Large

U.S. Divers Scuba Gear
The US DIVERS Coast Snorkeling Travel Bag is the Ultimate snorkeling bag constructed with heavy-duty nylon for durability!
Mares Diablo Mask Combo

Mares Scuba Gear
This Diablo double lens mask with liquid silicone skirt/strap and Semi-Dry Barracuda snorkel are the perfect starter package for a snorkeler or diver.
Ocean Master Dry Snorkel Advanced

Ocean Master Scuba Gear
The Ocean Master Dry Snorkel is simply the best snorkel we have ever used. Whether you are a beginning snorkeler or completely submerged.
U.S. Divers Snorkel Equipment Bags Mares Mask Snorkel Combos Ocean Master Snorkels
Ocean Master Dry Snorkel Advanced Flex

Ocean Master Scuba Gear
This new snorkel from OceanMaster has all the same great features of the Dry Snorkel plus it has a new corrugated silicone tube section for added flexibility.
Innovative Evo Deluxe Snorkel Vest

Innovative Scuba Gear & Accessories
The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements.
Innovative Evo Deluxe XL Snorkel Vest

Innovative Scuba Gear & Accessories
Some added comfort for our larger snorkeling friends. The snorkeler can orally inflate and deflate the volume of air in the vest to their requirements.
Ocean Master Snorkels Innovative Snorkel Vests Innovative Snorkel Vests
Cressi Sub Fins Bag

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Cressi-sub Fin bag also carries Spearguns. The Cressi-sub Fin Bag is a small backpack designed to carry light snorkeling, skin-diving or pool equipment, made from excellent, strong materials.
Mares Frontier 5 Pc. Snorkeling Package

Mares Scuba Gear
High quality silicone mask and snorkel, channel shapped enerflex blade fins and free mesh bag with a 2 year warranty.
Scuba Max GatorPac Snorkeling Gear Backpack

Scuba Max Scuba Gear
Practical, convenient and affordable our GatorPac Snorkeling Gear Backpack is the perfect bag for your snorkeling adventure. Specifically designed to hold mask, fins and snorkel.
Cressi Sub Snorkel Equipment Bags Mares Snorkeling Packages Scuba Max Snorkel Equipment Bags
Sea Elite Horse Collar

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Replaceable bladder Soft touch power inflator and LPI hose Upper pull dump and over pressure valve 2 small plastic d rings
Mares Kona Adult Combo

Mares Scuba Gear
This Kona double lens mask with liquid silicone skirt/strap and Semi-Dry Barracuda snorkel are the perfect starter package for a snorkeler or diver.
Tusa Liberator X-10 Mask and Hyperdry Snorkel

Tusa Scuba Gear
The Liberator X-10 Mask is a higher volume mask - great for larger faces, and offers a wide field of vision with the ample side windows.
Sea Elite Snorkel Vests Mares Mask Snorkel Combos Tusa Mask Snorkel Combos
Mares Lirica Champion II Mask and Snorkel Combo

Mares Scuba Gear
The Lirica Mask An innovative shape that revolutionizes underwater vision.
U.S. Divers Mask Snorkel Hydrosplit Fin w Bag Snorkeling Package

U.S. Divers Scuba Gear
This US Divers Cortez LX Mask, Total Dry Snorkel, Hydrosplit Fin & Travelite bag Snorkeling Package has everything packed into one great snorkeling set!
Cressi Sub Mask, Fin & Snorkel Set

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Cressi-sub Scuba or Snorkeling Set Set includes the Cressi-sub Pro-Star Fin, Big Eyes Mask and Alpha 2 Snorkel! The Right Angle on the Sea with Big Eyes!
Mares Mask Snorkel Combos U.S. Divers Snorkeling Packages Cressi Sub Snorkeling Packages

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