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Featured Wetsuits
Get the right wetsuit for the right diving conditions. Wetsuits made of dense neoprene and offer great warmth and protection while you are diving. We list wetsuits and dive skins for men and women. Your scuba wetsuit should keep you warm and cozy whether you are scuba diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean or cold water lake diving. If you are an avid snorkeler consider buying a light-weight shorty wetsuit or 1mm dive skin to protect you from the sun and scrapes from bumping into coral reefs.
Henderson 5mm Mens Hyperstretch Core Warmer

Henderson Wetsuits
Made from 5mm Hyperstretch this suit may be worn by itself, or over any wetsuit to improve warmth by preventing water entry thru zipper openings.
Mares 1mm Womens Revolution Dive Skin

Mares Scuba Gear
Next to your skin, this could be the most comfortable suit you will ever wear.
NeoSport 2.5mm Womens Neoprene Sport Vest

NeoSport Wetsuits
The 2.5mm Womens Neoprene Sport Vest is a versatile "go anywhere, do anything" water sport garment. Use it alone as a chill chaser or layer it over or under any other garment.
Henderson Mens Shorty Wetsuits Mares Womens NeoSport Womens Vests
Sea Elite 2MM Neoprene Socks

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Sea Elites Neoprene Socks are made of 2mm Nylon II neoprenes. Slip ons high boot styles.
Henderson 2mm NeoSport Glove

Henderson Wetsuits
Henderson‘s NeoSport Glove features a synthetic leather padded palm for comfort.
Henderson 3/2mm Mens Neosport Full Jumpsuit

Henderson Wetsuits
These suits have an adjustable velcro collar and molded knee pads. A back zip full neoprene jumpsuit from the guys at Henderson at a fraction of the price of normal suits.
Sea Elite Dive Socks Henderson Warm Water Gloves Henderson Mens 1 Piece Wetsuits
Henderson 3mm Womens Hyperstretch Aqua Suede Full Jumpsuit

Henderson Wetsuits
Aqua Suede Full Jumpsuit, the ultimate wetsuit for the diver who is doing multiple dives in one day.
Henderson 3MM 2-Piece Wetsuit Package

Henderson Wetsuits
Gear up right the first time for less with this complete warm water environmental protection equipment package. Youíll be prepared, youíll be warm and you will be comfortable.
Pinnacle Aquatics 3MM Beanie Hood

Pinnacle Aquatics Wetsuits
This 3mm Beanie is great for warm water diving as well as surfing and other watersports.
Henderson Womens 1 Piece Wetsuits Henderson Wetsuit Packages Pinnacle Aquatics Cold Water Hoods
Tusa 3mm Dive Slippers

Tusa Scuba Gear
Tusas 3mms neoprene Dive boots with injected molded sole with super traction. Heel guard provides support and comfort. Created with a typical good looking TUSA design.
Body Glove 3mm Super Beanie Wetsuit Cap Nylon 2

Body Glove Wetsuits
Body Glove 3mm SUPER Beanie wetsuit cap with Chin Strap!! Body Glove's Super Beanie wetsuit cap is versatile and unique.
Henderson 5mm Mens Titanium Hyperstretch Wetsuit

Henderson Wetsuits
The Henderson Titanium Hyperstretch 5MM Jumpsuit is simply the most amazing wetsuit on the market.
Tusa Low Top Boots Body Glove Warm Water Hoods Henderson Mens 2 Piece Wetsuits
Aqua Seal Neoprene Cement

Miscellaneous Scuba Gear
Aqua Seal, Seal Cement Contact Cement for Neoprene Repairs. Waterprrofs, seals, and protects against abrasion.
O'Neill Bahia Long Sleeve Shorty

O'Neill Wetsuits
Look good when the water gets warm! The Bahia long sleeve shorty is specifically designed for women, and focuses on blending functionality with fashion.
DUI Dry 5 Wrist Seal Gloves

DUI Scuba Gear
Latex wrist seals, integrated thermal liner.
Miscellaneous Wet Suit Glue O'Neill Womens Shorty Wetsuits DUI Cold Water Gloves
McNett Essential 7 Mcnett Gear Care Package

McNett Scuba Cleaning Supplies & Accessories
You (and your gear) will just love the results, so we're offering these often overlooked necessities at a discount try the best package price.
Body Glove Insotherm 0.5mm Men's Fullsuit Dive Skin

Body Glove Wetsuits
Body Glove's .5MM Insotherm Men's Fullsuit Body Glove's Insotherm.
Mares Men's Trilastic Hooded Vest

Mares Scuba Gear
An amazing hooded vest from Mares that mixes neoprene thicknesses, for added comfort and warmth.
McNett Care Packages Body Glove Mens Mares Hooded Vests
DUI Rock Boots

DUI Scuba Gear
A drysuit boot providing better durability, support & traction. Standard on all DUI drysuits, RockBoots can be worn with any wetsuit when combined with a wet sock.
Hangair Wetsuit/Drysuit Dryer 120 Cfm Fan Hanger

Hangair Wetsuit Hangers
Do you dread slipping into a cold, wet, smelly wetsuit or drysuit?
Akona Womens 6.5mm Two-Piece Suit

Akona Scuba Gear
This suit is made from the toughest 6.5mm nylon II neoprene and flat-lock construction. The suit is black with blue accents and come standard with: * YKK #10 zipper in back of suit.
DUI High Top Boots Hangair Wetsuit Hangers Akona Womens 2 Piece Wetsuits

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