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Featured Boots
Scuba boots come in a couple of different styles and are meant for different applications. Finding the right dive boot is easy! If you are diving in cold water you will want to buy high-top diving boots, for warmer water low-top dive boots will be your best choice. Keep in mind that scuba boots are to be used with adjustable fins, and not fullfoot or snorkeling fins. We also list dive socks for added warmth while diving. Dive Boots are made from neoprene and come in 3MM, 5MM, and 7MM and have a rubber sole to protect your feet.
Henderson Neosport 5Mm Low Boot

Henderson Wetsuits
These easy-on boots are warm and super streamlined, thanks to the absence of a bulky zipper.
Mares Trilastic 6.5Mm Boots

Mares Scuba Gear
Comfortable hard sole boots, engineered to grant the highest control and power transmission during finning action. The neoprene area around the ankle is made of super-elastic material.
Aeris Manta 5mm Scuba Diving Boot Dive Boots

Aeris Scuba Gear
The 5mm double-glued and blind stitched neoprene boot is here.
Henderson Low Top Boots Mares High Top Boots Aeris High Top Boots
IST Ist Neoprene Scuba Boot 6.5mm Zippered Nylon2 Dive Boot

IST Scuba Gear
The rubber toe & heel caps of the S5 boot gives the scuba diver longer wear time.
Tusa Imprex Low Top Dive Boot

Tusa Scuba Gear
The TUSA Imprex Low Top Dive Boots are made for comfort. Features include super traction hard soles designed to flex and mold with the shape of your foot. Ideal for any watersports activity.
Henderson Neosport 2.5mm Neoprene Fin Socks

Henderson Wetsuits
The NeoSport 2.5mm Neoprene Socks are designed to be worn underneath snorkeling, free diving, surfing and some scuba diving fins!
IST High Top Boots Tusa Low Top Boots Henderson Dive Socks
Henderson Neosports High Top Zippered Dive Boot

Henderson Wetsuits
NEOsport's High-Top Zippered Dive Boot is an incredible value. This is a great dive boot for snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, canoeing or even jet skiing.
Henderson Octoboot Ii Dive Boot

Henderson Wetsuits
The Octoboot II is Henderson's newest and most rugged dive boot.
Evo 5MM Classic High Top Boot

Evo Scuba Gear
This 5mm High Top Zipper Bootie has durable standard soles.
Henderson High Top Boots Henderson High Top Boots Evo High Top Boots
Evo 2MM Low Cut Boot

Evo Scuba Gear
With durable standard soles, the Evo 2mm Low Cut Dive Boot offers comfort and traction.
Evo 1.5MM Sock

Evo Scuba Gear
The Evo 1.5mm sock adds a little extra warmth, but still allows you to easily and conveniently slip on your closed-heel dive fins.
Sea Elite Xcell Zipper Boots

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
5mm nylon II neoprene zipper boot with rubber sole. Wide tooth noncorrosive zipper with gusset.
Evo Low Top Boots Evo Dive Socks Sea Elite High Top Boots
Edge Low Boots

Edge Scuba Gear
Perfect for travelling. 3-mm ankle boot. Light weight boot perfect for traveling. Includes a rubber grip sole, with reenforced heel and pull tab.
Pinnacle Aquatics Apex 6MM Boot

Pinnacle Aquatics Wetsuits
6mm neoprene for warmth Solid rubber sole is strong enough to resist punctures from shells or even broken glass Light gray foxing strap across the top of the foot adds lateral stability, even ...
Deep See Boot 5MM Echozip Booties

Deep See Scuba Gear
The Schozip booties from Deep See features a flexible rubber sole, a four-seam upper, & a non-corrosive zipper!
Edge Low Top Boots Pinnacle Aquatics High Top Boots Deep See High Top Boots

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