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Featured Buoyancy Compensators
Buoyancy Compensators (BC, BCD) are one of the most important pieces of scuba equipment. Scuba diving BC's help you control your buoyancy when you are in the water. BCD's come in many different styles from back inflation, jacket or vest style, and more technical forms of back inflation compensators. Most recreational divers choose to wear the jacket style BC's, while more technical divers who wreck, or cave dive often times prefer a back inflation buoyancy compensator.
OMS 32LB Single Tank Wing BC116-S-32

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
32 lb. lift with non retraction band BC s are made from 1000 denier cordura cover with virgin urethane bladder.
Zeagle 911 BC

Zeagle Scuba Gear
The Zeagle 911 was developed with the features most requested by Public Safety Divers. Based on the Tech platform, the 911 adds zippered storage pockets over the 40-LB ripcord pockets.
Mares Aliikai MRS Womens BCD

Mares Scuba Gear
Aliikai, means "Queen of the Sea" in Hawaiian. It is the perfect women's BC for traveling, with a size, shape, and style dedicated to females.
OMS Technical Zeagle Technical Mares For Women
Tusa BCJ 9100 Selene Bc For Women

Tusa Scuba Gear
Designed exclusively for women divers. This ultra-comfortable weight integrated BC is specially contoured to conform to the distinctively different shape of a woman's body.
Poseidon Besea 50LB Lift

Poseidon Scuba Gear
The BESEA has the best ergonomics of any BC on the market; so it is sublimely comfortable as well as extremely usable.
OMS Comfort Harness W- Stainless Backplate

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
Complete stainless backplate and comfort harness system the comfort harness is quickly adjustable and transforms quickly and easily to accommodate everything from single cylinders to doubles ...
Tusa For Women Poseidon Back Inflation BCD OMS Technical
Mares Dragonfly Aria BC

Mares Scuba Gear
An exciting new lightweight BC from Mares. The Aria is cut to provide the maximum range of motion in a low-drag streamline style.
Dacor Elite BC for Women

Dacor Scuba Gear
The Elite Buoyancy Compensator by Dacor is designed exclusively for women divers. Dacor has a long standing reputation for quality scuba gear and their Elite BC for women is no exception.
Innovative Girder BCD Hanger

Innovative Scuba Gear & Accessories
Did you know that most BC damage happens in the closet and not on the reef? Damaged shoulders, creased bladders and rust stains are an unfortunate (and expensive) result of using average...
Mares Jacket & Vest Style Dacor For Women Innovative BCD Hangers
Underwater Kinetics Heavy Duty BCD Hanger With Din/Yoke Fitting

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
This Heavy Duty BCD Hanger is a must for drying and storing your BCD. Keep that dive gear in good shape by storing your gear properly. Heavy duty design to last long and maintain shape.
Scuba Max Hose Holder For Buoyancy Compensator Scuba Bc

Scuba Max Scuba Gear
Keep your gauge and octopus hoses close to your body with the economical hose holder that clips to your buoyancy compensator D-ring.
Mares HUB Avantgarde

Mares Scuba Gear
Avantgarde is the next generation of the highly acclaimed H.U.B. design.
Underwater Kinetics BCD Hangers Scuba Max BCD Hangers Mares Jacket & Vest Style
Mares Icon MRS Plus BC

Mares Scuba Gear
Mares Icon MRS Plus BCD - Innovation in the Travel BC. The new Mares Icon is the ideal BC for traveling. The Quick-Pak system makes it easy to compact and transport the BC with a few simple moves.
DUI Intrepid Explorer Buoyancy Control Systems

DUI Scuba Gear
A true Buoyancy Control System featuring all the advantages of weight-integration with none of the hassle.
Oceanic Islander

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Low profile rear inflation bladder for minimum drag. The Islander BC has the perfect balance of features to make diving it a pure joy.
Mares Back Inflation BCD DUI Back Inflation BCD Oceanic Back Inflation BCD
Ocean Master Mens Knight BCD

Ocean Master Scuba Gear
Ocean Master Knight BC Ocean Masters debut BC is outstanding including many exclusive features you wont find on any other BC. 1680 denier ballastic nylon.
Mares Morphos BCD

Mares Scuba Gear
The supporting structure is independent of the buoyancy bag, which, thanks to its unique shape, allows for optimal distribution of air and supports divers on the surface as comfortably.
Tusa Selene Ladies BCD

Tusa Scuba Gear
The Tusa Selene BC is the best new buoyancy compensator for women.
Ocean Master Technical Mares Jacket & Vest Style Tusa For Women
OMS Single Bladder Wings 45LBS BC116-45

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
OMS 45 Lb Wing uses 1000 denier Cordura backed with 5.0 oz of Urethane to prevent abrasion and punctures on all BC s.
Dive Rite Transpac Harness

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
The TransPac was the worlds first BC system designed from the ground up to be vastly more capable than BCs designed primarily for single-tank, recreational diving.
IST Ultimate BC & Gear Hanger

IST Scuba Gear
Multi-purpose hanger has many special features that allow an easy and neat arrangement when hanging gear.
OMS Technical Dive Rite Back Inflation BCD IST BCD Hangers

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