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Featured Computers
Scuba diving computers automate the calculation required with standard written decompression tables, and are able perform continuous calculation of the partial pressure of inert gases in the body based on the actual depth and time of the dive. As the dive computer measures depth and time, most computers reduce the need for your to carry a separate watch and depth gauge. Many dive computers also provide additional information to the diver, for example, missed decompression stops, water temperature, and remaining breatheable gas in the dive tank.
Oceanic Atom 1.0 Wristwatch

Oceanic Scuba Gear
This small format PDC powerhouse delivers all the bells and whistles you can imagine at the touch of a button.
Cressi Sub Archimede Dive Computer

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Cressi-sub Archimede Wrist Dive Computer. Innovative and user-friendly, the Archimede dive computer utilizes Cressi-sub‘s User Friendly Display System,UFDS.
Cressi Sub Archimede Ii Wrist Computer

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Cressi Archimedes has been improved to incorporate the additional features of two gas compatability and a gauge mode.
Oceanic Dive Computers Cressi Sub Dive Computers Cressi Sub Nitrox Dive Computers
Aeris Atmos Ai Dive Computer Console With Qd And Compass

Aeris Scuba Gear
Compact Air Integrated Computer. The ATMOS ai is a very small, compact console; yet, the information is displayed with large, easy to read digits.
Aeris Atmos II Wrist Computer

Aeris Scuba Gear
The Aeris ATMOS 2 Wrist dive computer is a unique combination of technology, styling, and function.Nitrox compatible,PC downloadable and audible alarms with flashing LEDs
Dacor Darwin Air Nitrox Dive Integrated Computer

Dacor Scuba Gear
The Darwin Air computer is the most completely integrated dive computer you can get.
Aeris Nitrox Dive Computers Aeris Dive Computers Dacor Dive Computers
Dacor Darwin Wrist Mount

Dacor Scuba Gear
The Darwin Wrist Mount Dive Computer from Dacor features all the characteristics required by the most demanding divers.
Oceanic Datamax Sport Wrist Computer

Oceanic Scuba Gear
The Datamax Sport was designed to be extremely easy to use and understand. A comfortable mix of graphics and icons make this computer extremely user friendly.
Cressi Sub EDY Watch Computer

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
The first Cressi sub computer integrated into a wristwatch. Weight and size are very compact making the instrument suitable for everyday use, and not only specifically for diving.
Dacor Dive Computers Oceanic Dive Computers Cressi Sub Nitrox Dive Computers
Sherwood Insight Air/Nitrox Computer 1.75 Diam. Module Only

Sherwood Scuba Gear
The Insight Air/Nitrox Computer - 1.75 Diam. Module Only comes with an exceptionally intuitive display and user selected Imperial or metric.
Mares M1 RGBM Dive Computer

Mares Scuba Gear
The M1 RGBM is the most complete and easy to use dive computer on the market for recreational and technical diving.
Mares Nemo Titanium Computer Watch

Mares Scuba Gear
Nemo has four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Bottom Time, and Free-Dive (the special freediving function), to satisfy the most demanding divers.
Sherwood Nitrox Dive Computers Mares Dive Computers Mares Dive Computers
Mares Nemo Watch Computer

Mares Scuba Gear
Nemo is the most complete dive computer-watch in the world, offering all functions for dives with or without decompression. It can also be used for Nitrox mixtures.
Dive Rite NiTek Duo Dive Computer

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
NiTek Duo dive computer incorporates a number of advanced features in a surprisingly small package.
Dive Rite NiTek PLUS Wrist Watch Computer

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
NiTek Plus Wrist Watch Computer. No larger than a standard dive watch, the NiTek Plus meets the need for a versatile time-keeping device above water.
Mares Dive Computers Dive Rite Nitrox Dive Computers Dive Rite Nitrox Dive Computers
Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Deluxe

Oceanic Scuba Gear
With quick disconnect and compass, Patented Air Time Remaining algorithm provides extremely accurate time.
Citizen Promaster Cyber Aqualand NX

Citizen Diving Watches
Citizen presents the newest Aqualand technology in the Cyber Aqualand NX more than just a dive timepiece; it's a professional nitrox compatible dive computer that is worn on the wrist.
Genesis React Pro Computer Capsule Only

Genesis Scuba Gear
The Genesis ReAct Pro Computer Capsule Only features an Exceptionally intuitive display and Time of Day (dive & surface).
Oceanic Dive Computers Citizen Nitrox Dive Computers Genesis Nitrox Dive Computers
Oceanic Veo 100 Module

Oceanic Scuba Gear
The VEO 100 coordinates carefully arranged information with the simplicity of our trademark green, yellow and red Graphic Diver Interface for a quick visual reference.
Oceanic Veo 100 NX Wrist Computer

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Full Featured Air or Nitrox Personal Dive Computer in a compact package.
Oceanic VT3 Dive Computer With Transmitter

Oceanic Scuba Gear
No strings attached. The Oceanic VT3 is a next generation dive computer featuring superior design and technology combined with Oceanic's trademark ease of use and customization.
Oceanic Dive Computers Oceanic Nitrox Dive Computers Oceanic Nitrox Dive Computers

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