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Fins are extensions fitted to your feet and are used by scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers to propel themselves through the water. Whilst it is possible to swim without fins, propulsion through the water is far more efficient with the right pair of fins. Scuba and snorkel fins come in many shapes, sizes and colors; from strapped fins, to fullfoot fins, swim fins, and freediving (apnea) or long fins. A relatively new technology for diving fins is the split fin design. The split fins allow you to generate ample thrust through the water and yet are easier to kick with.
Cressi Sub Palau Long Snorkel Fins

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Strap-on snorkeling fin. The soft and flexible material of the blade offers a fluid an easy kick. The special shape of the foot pocket allows the fin to be put on quickly and easily.
EB INDUSTRIES INC Sea Dive Aquapro Rubber Adult Fins

Sea Dive Aquapro Rubber Adult FinsWorld's most popular and longest lasting fin for snorkeling, water sports activities, training, and rentals.
Mares Wahoo Ii Fins

Mares Scuba Gear
Mares Wahoo II FinsThe Mares Wahoo II snorkeling fins are a powerful fin with a sturdy blade for maximum performance Soft comfortable foot pocket and lightweight makes this fin perfect for the ...
Cressi Sub Full Foot Snorkeling Fins EB INDUSTRIES INC Full Foot Snorkeling Fins Mares Full Foot Snorkeling Fins
Mares Clipper Fullfoot Fins

Mares Scuba Gear
Mares Clipper FinThe Mares Clipper Snorkel fins are perfect for the adventurer in your family who want's to explore the depths of the pool or accompany you to the reef The ideal fin for ...
Atomic Split Fins High Res

Atomic Scuba Gear
Atomic HI RES Split Fins take the Atomic Split Fins to the next level. Atomic HI RES Split Fins are constructed with a unique high resilience material, which returns more energy with each kick.
Mares X Stream Fin

Mares Scuba Gear
Mares X-Stream FinThe new Mares X-Stream fins get their name from the X-Stream Comfort and X-Ceptional Efficiency of this unique fin design.
Mares Full Foot Snorkeling Fins Atomic Adjustable Scuba Fins Mares Freediving Fins
Mares Wave Fin

Mares Scuba Gear
Mares Wave FinThe new Mares Wave fins feature a tri-material construction design which uses three materials to apply specific properties where needed.
Mares Razor Pro Fins

Mares Scuba Gear
New fin with interchangeable blade The foot pocket is incredibly comfortable thanks to the design developed in collaboration with a leading Italian podology clinic Its shapes and the extra ...
Mares Instinct Pro Fins

Mares Scuba Gear
The Mares Instinct Pro fins are the result of a meticulous design created by computer and the use of new materials The taperedsection blade paired with a new technopolymer has made it possible ...
Mares Freediving Fins Mares Freediving Fins Mares Freediving Fins
Sea Elite Trans F1 Oh Fins

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Sea Elite Trans OH Fins Open Heel design with channel thrust offers the most versatile choice in all diving conditions It also features an innovative buckle for ease of use Side rails improve ...
Aeris Velocity X3 Open Heel Fin

Aeris Scuba Gear
Aeris Velocity X3 Open Heel Fin High performance split fin technology The Velocity duo's high performance is achieved by combining patented Nature's Wing technology with stateoftheart ...
Cressi Sub Palau Saf Snorkel Fins

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
Palau SAF (Short Adjustable Fin) are very special fins, designed for swimming and snorkelling, but above all for all those who practise water sports and that only need the fins in particular ...
Sea Elite Freediving Fins Aeris Adjustable Scuba Fins Cressi Sub Adjustable Scuba Fins
Oceanic V Flex Fin

Oceanic Scuba Gear
Flipper will be jealous.
Oceanic Viper Fullfoot Fin

Oceanic Scuba Gear
So fast and responsive they're scary. Precision blend of hydrodynamics and materials technology for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance.
Edge Fin Strap Kit Cabo Kids

Edge Scuba Gear
Fin Strap Kit Cabo Kids strap Includes strap and 2 male buckles.
Oceanic Adjustable Scuba Fins Oceanic Adjustable Scuba Fins Edge Adjustable Scuba Fins

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