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Most dive gauges combine both depth and air pressure for your scuba cylinder. While there are some single dive gauges for specific applications, integrated scuba gauges are most common. Generally when you purchase a 2-Gauge console you will have both depth and pressure with the gauge. When you buy a 3-Gauge console you will have depth, air pressure, and an underwater compass. The price of dive gauges has dropped in the last 5 years making it affordable for even recreational divers.
Aeris Clip Mount Compass

Aeris Scuba Gear
Precise and accurate, this liquid filled compass is a workhorse. Quick responding with ratchet bezel. Use with any type of clip or retractor for quick access.
Mares Compact 3 Gauge Console

Mares Scuba Gear
Compact Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge and Compass in a sleek console. This is the ultimate way to streamline your gauges while maintaining the information you need.
Mares Compact Pressure Gauge

Mares Scuba Gear
Very durable and very small makes this the pressure gauge of choice for any diver.
Aeris Compasses Mares Gauge Consoles Mares Pressure Gauges
Mares Compass Kit for Mares Airlab or Dacor Darwin Air

Mares Scuba Gear
Order this kit to add a compass to your Mares Airlab or Dacor Darwin Air.
Trident Compass Mini Slate W/Retractor

Trident Scuba Gear
Easy view compass with mini retractor. Attach to your BCD for easy access.
Dacor Console Supreme Series Pressure Gauge

Dacor Scuba Gear
This precision submersible pressure gauge, with metal case is CE type approved and has HP hose according to CE specifications with a 7/16 fitting.
Mares Compasses Trident Compasses Dacor Pressure Gauges
Mares Handy Compass

Mares Scuba Gear
Compass with case, specially conceived to be attached to the BC, for use with a retractor. Case material: shock-resistant elastomer Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 27 mm (5.9" x 2.8" x 1.
Tusa Imprex Pressure Gauge SCA-110

Tusa Scuba Gear
Tusa Imprex Pressure Gauge SCA-110 precision bourdon tube pressure gauge for reliable accurate reading at any tank pressure.
Cressi Sub Mini 3 Gauge Console

Cressi Sub Scuba Gear
The Cressi mini-pressure gauge is a new pressure gauge that is small in size and a minimum weight, specifically designed to avoid excessive stress to the HP hose that connects it to the first stage.
Mares Compasses Tusa Pressure Gauges Cressi Sub Gauge Consoles
IST Mini Pressure and Depth Console

IST Scuba Gear
If you are looking for a compact underwater instrument that is easy to read, durable at the right price, and METRIC - YOU'VE FOUND IT!
IST Mini Scuba Pressure

IST Scuba Gear
Scuba Gauge - IST Mini Scuba Pressure
Mares Mission 1 Compact

Mares Scuba Gear
To encrease legibility, equipped with fluorescent dials.
IST Gauge Consoles IST Pressure Gauges Mares Pressure Gauges
Mares Mission 2 Console

Mares Scuba Gear
This Gauge has a shock-resistant elastomer boot filled with a pressure gauge, max depth indicating depth gauge it also has a thermometer built in.
Mares Mission 3 Gauge Analog Console

Mares Scuba Gear
The Mares Mission 3 Analog Console is a collection of the three critical gauges in a single package.
Tusa Platina 3 Gauge SCA-330

Tusa Scuba Gear
Tusas Platina 3 Gauge SCA-330 provides a high quality and compact gauge console by integrating a pressure, depth and rear side view compass. Innovative new luminous coating,precision depth gauges
Mares Gauge Consoles Mares Gauge Consoles Tusa Gauge Consoles
Aeris Pressure Gauge

Aeris Scuba Gear
Submersible Pressure Gauge has a specially designed Bourdon Tube to make this one of the most accurate gauges on the market. A large luminous dial makes viewing easier in low light situations.
Dacor Supreme Scuba Wrist Compass

Dacor Scuba Gear
Wrist Compass, Dacor Supreme Series Scuba. A quality compass from Dacor with a display that is readable from the side or top.
Trident Wrist Watchband Compass

Trident Scuba Gear
Wrist Watchband Compass-Mini fits 3/4" Wrist Band
Aeris Pressure Gauges Dacor Compasses Trident Compasses

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