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Protection and warth are the key elements to look for when buying scuba gloves. Most dive locations prefer that you don't touch the marine life or coral, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't wear dive gloves even in warm waters. Diving gloves help protect your hands from stings and are a must if you are diving in cold waters. Scuba diving gloves come in either a thin nylon material or neoprene. Neoprene dive gloves can be as thin as 1MM and as thick as 7MM. If you need more warmth than a 7MM glove provides you should consider a Drysuit.
Mares Trilastic 6/4MM Gloves

Mares Scuba Gear
The Mares Trilastic 6/4MM Gloves Made with super elastic. The warmth of thicker mm only on the back of the hand. Palms and wrists in reduced thickness for improved agility.
Henderson Neosport 1.5MM Multisport Glove

Henderson Wetsuits
lightweight neoprene hand savers are perfect for helping protect divers from scrapes and stings!
NeoSport Neosport By Henderson 1.5mm Pro Pel Training Glove

NeoSport Wetsuits
ONLY $19.99 RETAIL $24.99, SAVE $5.
Mares Cold Water Gloves Henderson Cold Water Gloves NeoSport Warm Water Gloves
Pinnacle Aquatics Amara Glove

Pinnacle Aquatics Wetsuits
The Amara 2mm Glove designed for use in warm waters. Its Amara leather palm provides a great degree of hand protection from reefs, wrecks, or lobstersí spines.
Pinnacle Aquatics Neo 3 Glove 3MM

Pinnacle Aquatics Wetsuits
The Neo 3 3mm Glove designed for use in warm and cool waters, or by hearty cold water divers seeking a thinner glove for greater hand dexterity.
Henderson Hyperflex 3MM Gloves

Henderson Wetsuits
This 3mm glove features Hyperstretch Neoprene and has a heat preserving titanium core. Anatomical fit for less fatigue and a cyclone aqua grip palm.
Pinnacle Aquatics Warm Water Gloves Pinnacle Aquatics Warm Water Gloves Henderson Warm Water Gloves
Henderson Neosport 5 Finger Velcro Glove 3mm

Henderson Wetsuits
This 5 Finger Velcro Glove from NEOsport is full of great features, including a durable hi-grip palm, glued and sewn seams, cyclone palm design, and gator elastic closure.
Adventurer Warm Water Gloves

Miscellaneous Scuba Gear
This glove is great for warm water divers who want velcro entry, Knuckle protectors, and Reinforced palms. This glove has incredible dexterity, and an amazing contour cut.
Speedo Lycra Aqua Glove

Speedo Swimwear
Speedo's Aquatic Fitness Gloves provide increased resistance in water for greater toning and strengthening of muscles and cardiovascular exercise for your heart and lungs.
Henderson Cold Water Gloves Miscellaneous Warm Water Gloves Speedo Warm Water Gloves
Innovative 2MM Evo Tropic Kevlar Glove

Innovative Scuba Gear & Accessories
From the selection of materials, to quality-controlled production, the EVO Tropic glove provides rugged comfort in a soft, supple, leather-like material.
Atlan Megaflex Gloves 3MM

Atlan Wetsuits
5-finger gloves made from single-lined soft, high-stretch neoprene. The preformed shape favours the natural position of the hand, with semi-bent fingers.
Atlan Amara Palm Gloves

Atlan Wetsuits
2mm neoprene backing for added comfort and warmth. Reinforced systhetic suede palm for comfort and protction. Adjustable hook and loop fastener wrist band.
Innovative Warm Water Gloves Atlan Warm Water Gloves Atlan Warm Water Gloves
Atlan Superstretch Gloves 3MM

Atlan Wetsuits
Revolutionary new 4-way stretch neoprene. These gloves go on easy, give great feeling - and keep you warm! Fit is incredible neoprene stretches over 2 times its size.
Akona Armor Tek 5 Glove

Akona Scuba Gear
The AKONA ARMOR TEK GLOVE 5mm nylon II neoprene is glue and blind stitched for a durable, water resistant finish. Ergonomic, pre-bent fingers offer comfort and allow for minimal water transfer.
Akona Armor Tek 3.5 Glove

Akona Scuba Gear
The AKONA ARMOR TEK GLOVE 3.5mm nylon II neoprene is glue and blind stitched for a durable, water resistant finish. Ergonomic, pre-bent fingers offer comfort and allow for minimal water transfer.
Atlan Warm Water Gloves Akona Cold Water Gloves Akona Warm Water Gloves

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