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Featured Lights
Have you ever scheduled a dive and the weather didn't co-operate? Diving on rainy or overcast days can really take away the beautiful colors you would normally see on sunny dive. Don't let mother nature dampen the extraordinary colors you can see with a great dive light. We list the world's best diving lights in many shapes, styles and colors. Depending on how often you dive and where you do your scuba diving you may need one or more scuba lights. We offer diving lights in packages, small, medium and large sizes to help you find the right light for you. If you are looking for underwater flashers or signaling devices please see our Safety Equipment section.
Sea Elite 10 Watt 4.5 Amp HID Canister Light

Sea Elite Scuba Gear
Sea Elite 10 Watt 4.5 amp HID Canister Light Look around and compare, we want you too. There is simply no other light in this category that combines our quality and value.
Dive Rite 300 Lumen LED Light

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
Dive Rite Hand-held HID Light delivers a full 500 Lumens of illumination for up to 30 hours in a flashlight sized form-factor.
Princeton Tec 40 Dive Light

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
This compact, halogen dive light provides the highest power-to-weight ratio of any light in its class. When weight and size really matter the Tec-40 by Princeton Tec truly shines.
Sea Elite Canister Lighting Dive Rite Medium and Large Lights Princeton Tec Small Dive Lights
Dive Rite 6-Degree MR11 Slimline Lighting System

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
This MR11 head is a 6- degree fixed-focus parabolic reflectors. MR11 head features Dive Rites exclusive form-fitting hand mount, so it can be used virtually hands free.
IST 8 Ultra White LED

IST Scuba Gear
LED Extra Long Burn Time Dive Light Light Emitting Diodes, or more commonly known as LED's, are not just the little colored lights you can see in your home appliances, signs, toys etc.
Princeton Tec Adventure Pack

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
The new Adventure Pack includes Princeton Tecs most popular primary light the Shockwave II, the new innovative Impact XL LED light, Sea Star Personal locator Light, a Coil Lanyard and Mini Retractor.
Dive Rite Canister Lighting IST Small Dive Lights Princeton Tec Light Packages
Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe Dive Light

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
This outdoor and marine survival light is designed to be a real lifesaver. The Aqua Strobe by Princeton Tec operates on a single AA battery and floats head up in water.
Cylume Lightsticks Chemical-Set of 2, 4 in. Red

Miscellaneous Scuba Gear
A great way to see your dive buddy underwater is to attach a Chemical Light Stick to the snorkel or hang it around the tank valve.
Underwater Kinetics Dive Beacon

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
Long burn time and high brightness make it a perfect chemical light stick replacement,high visibility red personal marker beacon.
Princeton Tec Specialty Lights Miscellaneous Specialty Lights Underwater Kinetics Specialty Lights
IST Dive Laser Pointer

IST Scuba Gear
Get this KEWL pointer and show off the underwater world. A must for instructors.
Intova Dive Torch

Intova Underwater Cameras & MP3 Players
The Intova Torch is a waterproof flashlight with a anodized aluminum body, 3 watt LED, 65 Lumens, sealed LED & magnetic switch they what will never leak. This light is bright and very durable.
Underwater Kinetics eLED Dive Pak

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
eLED by Underwater Kinetics brings you the latest in lighting technology...white LED light travels farther through water for Maximum Visibility!
IST Small Dive Lights Intova Small Dive Lights Underwater Kinetics Light Packages
Underwater Kinetics Fathom 4 Pak

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
A collection of the worlds best selling dive lights, molded in high brightness fluorescent yellow for maximum visibility above and below water.
OMS Goodman Handle

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
This Goodman handle hand mount turns your light head into a hands free dive light. Goodman handles are ideal when you need to use a reel and hold a light in the same hand.
Dive Rite Hid Slimline 10 Watt H10

Dive Rite Scuba Gear
The DIVE RITE HID SLIMLINE 10 WATT H10 features the Welch Allyn Solarc™ bulb, but with a focusable reflector making it Dive Rite's most versatile light head.
Underwater Kinetics Light Packages OMS Canister Lighting Dive Rite Canister Lighting
Princeton Tec Impact XL Light

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
Undoubtedly, the new IMPACT XL is the finest 4 AA cell L.E.D. light to ever grace the market.
Princeton Tec LED Pack

Princeton Tec Dive Lights
This LED pack includes the Shockwave II LED as a primary dive light, the Impact XL as a secondary and the Exo Flare Personal Locater light.
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 100

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
UW Kinetics Cannon Hid Light lighting technology, the light Cannon emits a beam of light as white as the sun and penetrates water further than any conventional halogen or Xenon dive light.
Princeton Tec Small Dive Lights Princeton Tec Light Packages Underwater Kinetics Medium and Large Lights
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 Dive Light

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
Works well as a photographers spotting light. Fits Sea and Sea, Ultralight and other camera mounting adapters.
OMS Phantom HID 10 Watt

OMS Technical Diving Equipment
The New Phantom Mini HID Dive Light is perhaps the smallest and brightest 10w HID light in the world.
Underwater Kinetics Pro Pak

Underwater Kinetics Scuba Gear
The Pro Pak by Underwater Kinetics brings you three pieces of equipment you need for great diving in one convenient package.
Underwater Kinetics Specialty Lights OMS Canister Lighting Underwater Kinetics Light Packages

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