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miscellaneous digital cameras
Miscellaneous Aeris Sale! Free Dive Bag With Package Purchase!
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Miscellaneous Aeris Sale! Free Dive Bag With Package Purchase!

Category:  Miscellaneous Digital Cameras
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  • Nitrox Compatible Aeris Scuba Package with Computer If you're looking for an affordable Aeris package with features that can take you from begining to advanced diving, read on about these features: You won't find an Aeris package with computer anywhere at this price! Aeris ATMOS Sport Scuba Regulator The ATMOS Sport has all of the high-performance features of the ATMOS Pro with the exception of the 2nd stage adjustment knob. This regulator is ideal for the diver who wants high performance without having to tune the 2nd stage while diving. Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator Key features: Mechanical second stage without diver adjustment Adjustable Venturi switch Nitrox compatible to 40% Aeris Gyro Octo The Gyro Octopus is low profile to reduce drag in the water. The Gyro swivels 180 degrees, allowing the diver to easily facilitate buddy breathing should the situation arise. The swivel also accommodates either left or right hand orientation. Aeris ATMOS 2 Computer Console The Aeris ATMOS 2 dive computer is a unique combination of technology, styling, and function. The ATMOS 2 has all of the features you would expect from an advanced dive computer… and then some. This model of the Aeris Atmos 2 has the compass and COOL knife on the reverse of the unit. Click the interactive demo below and go to 'Closer Look' to see these features. Aeris ATMOS 2 Computer Console with Compass + Knife Key Features: Nitrox compatible PC downloadable Manual & water activation Audible alarm with flashing LED User-replaceable batteries Integrated accessory knife WITH Compass Specifications: No Decompression Model Modified Haldanean Algorithm Twelve Tissue Compartments Data Base PADI / DSAT-Diving Science and Technology – Rogers and Powell Performance Tissue compartment half-times (Spencer's M values); 5,10,20,40, 80, 120, 160, 200, 240, 400, 480 Depth +/- 1% full scale Timers within 1 second/day Altitude Algorithm & Oxygen Partial Pressure Limits Based on NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Tables)

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    Miscellaneous Aeris Sale! Free Dive Bag With Package Purchase! - Compare Prices
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