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mares mens drysuit
Mares Mares Polar Fit Drysuit Unisex Closeout Sale!
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Mares Mares Polar Fit Drysuit Unisex Closeout Sale!

Category:  Mares Mens Drysuit
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  • Mares Polar Fit Drysuit Description: Dry suit in Nylon fabric paired with PVC guarantees maximum comfort, freedom of movement, and consistent buoyancy throughout the dive, due to the uncompressible material Frontal dry zip allows divers to dress the suit on their own, additionally placing the zip in the front also allows the shoulders, arms, and torso greater freedom of movement Adjustable suspenders straps Lightweight 420-denier nylon fabric lined with PVC, it brings together exceptional resistance and comfort Vulcanized rubber comfort Anti-slip sole construction Zipper Guard Butterfly QD Additional layer of fabric applied to protect wear and tear on the knees 360° Swiveling inflator valve Adjustable shoulder valve Velcro ankle and wrist closure Latex wrist and collar Solar reflective shoulder tape for high visibility Mares Polar Fit Drysuit Features: Mares and Mobby’s collaborated for approximately a year in a fantastic strategic alliance, designing new models for the 2007 line that will meet the needs of the most technical and demanding divers. Comfort, fashion, and technology characterize the line, which also includes a model dedicated to women. Mobby’s 42 years of experience in the dry suit sector, and the nearly 60 years of experience and leadership that Mares has in the diving sector, come together to ensure a comfortable, stylish, and technologically-advanced line of dry suits. Technological development of Mobby’s patented High-Density Dyna Wave neoprene preserves the inherent characteristics of neoprene, such as the memory of the material and its ability (at high-quality levels) to maintain its original characteristics even under continuous compression and expansion stresses. High-Density is 5% denser than comparable models in its class. With a thickness of 3.5mm, High-Density Dyna Wave can provide an insulating effect equal to 8mm, thanks to the increased density of the material. With Dyna Wave, body heat is only dispersed through conduction, rather than by conduction and convection together, as occurs in traditional neoprene. But it doesn’t stop there. Suits manufactured in High-Density Dyna Wave neoprene are comfortable and soft, easy to put on due to the elasticity built in, and because of the lower volume they do not require divers to add as much additional weight.

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    Mares Mares Polar Fit Drysuit Unisex Closeout Sale! - Compare Prices
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