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edge regulator accessories
Edge Hog Quick Shot Inflator
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Edge Hog Quick Shot Inflator

Category:  Edge Regulator Accessories
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  • Hog Quick Shot Inflator For Technical and Rebreather divers who wish to inflate lift bags and markers with the quotinflator nipplequot type inflation capabilitynbspShooting a bag normally occurs during the very beginning of the most crucial buoyancy control stage of a deco dive The fact is shooting a bag is a skill that many have struggled withThe HOG QUICKSHOT is designed to be used in conjunction with lift bags and markers that use the quotinflator nipplequot type of inflation system most commonly known on Halcyon Bags but now common among many brands including of course HOG SMB's and LiftbagsIn the past to inflate these bags meant removing your reg second stage from the mouth and orally inflating the bag andor disconnecting your LP hose from your inflator Both these choices meant having temporary reduction of tools available for the diver to control buoyancy The third choice of using a additional LP Inflator hose is not an option IMHO a large failure point added one that by nature degrades with time and where do you put it out of the way but accessibleThe HOG QUICKSHOT is Oxygen clean with Viton Orings it is placed on the first stage on a stagedeco bottle which is nice and conveniently in front of you when you do stop to start your deco and or to shoot a bag You simply use pull the collar back nbspand push the nipple inflator on the bag in Easy and no compromise of buoyancy controlIn the very unlikely event that you have a problem with the Shotgun it fails in the shut position and you are back to the now quotoldquot wayIMPORTANT NOTICEDue to the internal design of some smaller diaphram first stages the HOG Quickshot is not compatible It is very easy to determine because when installed the Quickshot valve will not depress and flow air If you have purchased a Quickshot and have this issue please return for a full refund In testing we have found this to only be a issue in a small percentage of regulators

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