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princeton tec light packages
Princeton Tec Adventure Pack
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Princeton Tec Adventure Pack

Category:  Princeton Tec Light Packages
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    Shockwave II
    Power up from 7.5 watts to 15 watts of power with the flip of a switch. The 7.5- watt output mode burns for up to 10 hours and provides plenty of light in really dark nights, wreck diving and deep, dark crevices, simply flip the switch to the screaming bright 15-watt output mode. The innovative dual filament multi output bulb system eliminates the need for two bulbs and complex switching systems. This unique system also offers the added security of switching to and alternate bulb filament in the event the filament in use burns out.

    Undoubtedly, the new IMPACT XL is the finest 4 AA cell L.E.D. light to ever grace the market. Weighing in at approximately 5 ounces and offering waterproof integrity to 100 meters, the IMPACT XL utilizes a 1-watt L.E.D., which is one of the most powerful L.E.D. sources in the world. The light output of the IMPACT XL is significantly greater than competing 1-watt xenon and halogen bulbs. The rubber over molded grip ensures youll be able to securely hold the light under even the most demanding circumstances. With a bulb life rating of 10,000 hours, up to 70 hours of useful light and its rugged impact-resistant design, the IMPAC is sure to be reliable when you need it.

    Sea Star Personal Locator Light
    A vital part of any outdoor enthusiasts or scuba divers equipment bag, both the Eco Flare and Sea Star can be used as high output constant on area/personal locator lights or as a flashing red L.E.D light that will burn in excess of 500+ hours on two AAA alkaline batteries. The blinking red L.E.D. is perfect as a personal locator light for night and low visibility scuba diving, bicycling, in-line skating, etc.

    Coil Lanyard
    Ideal for use with lights, UW photo equipment or any acessory that you need to have close at hand, the coil extends up to 36 inches.

    Mini Retractor
    Holds your smaller lights or slates.

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    See the complete collection of Princeton Tec Scuba Gear. To view all of the Lights by Princeton Tec visit Princeton Tec Lights.

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    The Princeton Tec Travel Pack is a great packaged light set that includes the MiniWave II, the Tec 40, a Coil Lanyard, and Mini Retractor.
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