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miscellaneous prescription dive masks
Miscellaneous Prescription Lens Diving Mask
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Miscellaneous Prescription Lens Diving Mask

Category:  Miscellaneous Prescription Dive Masks
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  • Corrective Prescription Lens Diving Mask
    Finally a corrective lens dive mask that fits everyone. It is available in many colors and arrives to your door assembled with the vision correction lenses you requested. No more eye strain.
    This high quality mask, left and right corrective lenses and installation for a great price.
    Double feather edged side of the mask is made of the highest grade crystal silicone to provide a snug water tight fit while also delivering comfort
    Wide color selection for corrective lens mask. Strong high density polycarbonate frame provides strong resistance against impact that protects your investment Use this mask while swimming, snorkeling or diving.
    Lenses are available to correct for nearsightedness (most common) These are the negative numbers, or farsightedness (can‘t see things close up) The positive numbers. Choose the appropriate lens for each eye from your prescription. Please note that these lens do not correct for astigmatism.

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