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ocean master snorkels
Ocean Master Dry Snorkel Advanced
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Ocean Master Dry Snorkel Advanced

Category:  Ocean Master Snorkels
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  • The Ocean Master Dry Snorkel is simply the best snorkel we have ever used. Whether you have a beginning snorkeler or completely submerged to get a glimpse of those fascinating sea creatures below, this dry snorkel will insure that you never get a single drop of water in your snorkel or your mouth. "I started my 3 1/2-year-old neighbor snorkeling with this dry snorkel, and it was incredible, she never got a single drop of water in her mouth, never coughed or sputtered or had to pull snorkel out of her mouth to catch her breath, even when diving down to the bottom". If you are planning on snorkeling in the Caribbean (or anywhere for that matter) then this is the snorkel you have been looking for. The patented pressure release valve automatically closes and opens to prevent the ocean from getting in your mouth. The three-dimensional adjustment allows you to adjust the snorkel mouthpiece making it incredibly comfortable to snorkel with for long periods of time and it will fit the smallest of youngsters as well as any adult. Award-winning design and patents aside, this is one incredible snorkel that actually works! The perfect snorkel for youngsters or people who are not strong swimmers! The perfect snorkel for the more advanced snorkeler who is going to chase dolphins in the wild, snorkel in rougher water, swim farther from the boat or farther from the shore.

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