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dive rite nitrox dive computers
Dive Rite NiTek PLUS Wrist Watch Computer
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Dive Rite NiTek PLUS Wrist Watch Computer

Category:  Dive Rite Nitrox Dive Computers
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Product Number:  CO8100

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  • Dive Rite NiTek Plus Wrist Watch Computer.
    • No larger than a standard dive watch, the NiTekÖ Plus meets the need for a versatile time-keeping device above water. Underwater, the NiTek Plus is an extremely advanced dive computer in a surprisingly small package.
    • The future is here. The NiTek Plus sets a new standard for compactness, features, and value. NiTek Plus Modes On the surface, the NiTek Plus offers a dive planning mode, a dive simulation mode, log mode, and detailed log profile mode.
    • Under water, it operates in your choice of two different modes: Gauge Mode and standard Dive Computer mode. In Gauge mode, the NiTek Plus functions as a simple depth gauge and bottom timer.
    • In Dive Computer mode, the NiTek Plus displays the following dive mode information: Fraction of oxygen setting for Mix 1 and Mix 2 Oxygen limit bar graph representing cumulative PO2 exposure ("CNS Clock") Actual partial pressure of oxygen (PPO2) for current mix and depth Residual nitrogen bar graph representing cumulative nitrogen absorption, current depth and maximum depth attained Elapsed time, No-decompression time remaining, water temperature, NiTek Plus Displays.
    • Also displayed in Dive Computer mode are Symbols indicating current mix setting (gas being breathed -- either Mix 1 or Mix 2), Symbol indicating Nitrox mode (In Air mode, no indicator appears.) Symbols indicating current water salinity setting (sea or fresh) Symbol indicating a Safety Stop including a 3-minute countdown (at 20 feet) Symbol indicating excessive ascent rate ("slow") Symbols indicating daily and/or hourly alarms have been set.
    • Magnifying lens protector
    • Additional Velcro Watch Band
    • Padded Protective case.
    Get the Dive Rite Nitek Plus Watch Computer today and you‘ll never take it off your wrist.

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