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Dive Rite Safety Reel For Wreck or Cave
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Dive Rite Safety Reel For Wreck or Cave

Category:  Dive Rite Reels
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Product Number:  RE4100, RE4110

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  • Safety Reel For Wreck RE4100 or Cave RE4100 This model is used chiefly by cave and wreck divers as a back-up reel, or by cavern divers as their primary navigation tool. It has many other potential uses, in activities such as search and recovery, and recreational diver training. It comes with either 90 feet/27 meters of Number 36 line, or 140 feet/43 meters of Number 24 line.

    Features stainless steel handle and clip! Features Expand Versatility!
    Safety Reels now give users more options for configuring these reels to best meet their needs. Both Safety reels now come with a series of pre-drilled holes in the handle and frame. By unbolting the handle and frame from one another, and then re-bolting them in different positions, users can make a variety of changes.
    Users can now adjust handle height to better fit hands of different sizes.
    Users can also position the handle for right- or left-hand operation, or make a side-mounted handle.
    Safety reels with new features.

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