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mares scuba regulators
Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator
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Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator

Category:  Mares Scuba Regulators
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  • The absolute Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator. This regulator, tested under the most demanding conditions, is the ideal companion for your dives. It is absolutely sturdy, extremely reliable, and high-performance, even in very cold water. The Abyss has been tested by the Notified Body INPP of Marseilles with binary (Heliox) and ternary (Trimix) mixtures to a depth of 100 m. The results are compliant with the recommendations of European Regulation EN 250. Breathing effort proved to be much lower than the regulation requires. Mares 2005 Abyss Regulator Technical Specifications: MR22 First stage Balanced diaphragm design DFC system 2 HP 7/16" UNF ports 1 LP 1/2" UNF port (main) 3 LP 3/8" UNF ports Weight: 40.21 oz Abyss second stage All metal technology VAD Weight: 9.7 oz Mares 2005 Abyss Regulator Technical Results: Inhale pressure = 9.98 m bar (limit = 25 m bar) Inhale pos pressur = 3.75 m bar (limit = 5 m bar) Exhale pressure = 8.89 m bar (limit = 25 m bar) Ext work of breathing = 0.94 J/l (limit = 3.0 Joules/litre) Inhale work = 0.28 J/l Pos inhale work = 0.02 J/l (limit = 0.3 Joules/litre) Exhale work = 0.66 J/l

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