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mares octos
Mares Proton Metal Regulator Octopus
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Mares Proton Metal Regulator Octopus

Category:  Mares Octos
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  • Light, compact, equipped with VAD system. Its compact size, combined with its nickel- and chrome-plated brass case, make this an ideal choice of octopus, even for demanding cold water dives. All metal technology Complete range of regulators with metal second stages, manufactured in corrosion-proof nickel- and chrome-plated brass. The metal second stage performs better in cold water conditions,have better performance in cold water, thanks to the high thermal conductivity that limits the freezing effect VAD Vortex Assisted Design The air coming from the hose passes through the second stage valve and is conveyed directly to the mouthpiece through the by-pass tube. There is a "vortex" movement in the airflow inside the by-pass tube (low pressure area). This low pressure helps hold down the second stage diaphragm while inhaling, thus increasing the regulator sensitivity. Regulators with the VAD system offer improved performance and allow for very natural breathing. One of the main causes of ice forming in the regulator is the expansion of air inside the second stage case, which causes an abrupt drop in temperature. With the VAD system, this expansion takes place inside the by-pass tube and mouthpiece, reducing the likelihood of icing. Mesh-grid The mesh design of the second stage cap optimizes the flow of water on the second stage diaphragm and minimizes the chance of free-flow.

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