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nuvair nitrox
Nuvair O2 Quickstick
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Nuvair O2 Quickstick

Category:  Nuvair Nitrox
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  • Enriched Air Nitrox divers understand the importance of KNOWING exactly what mix they are diving. Owning a personal oxygen analyzer is extremely important, but the complicated units with hoses, flow restrictors, and other gadgets can be difficult to use in actual diving conditions. The Nuvair 02 QuickStick Nitrox Analyzer is perfect for the diver on the go. The QuickStick features an always-on display for ease of operation. The convenient calibration wand allows for quick and simple calibration before use. Most important, all you do is crack your cylinder valve and hold the QuickStick against the valve opening. Perfect for yoke or DIN valves, the QuickStick gives an immediate reference reading on the always-on display, allowing you to dive with complete confidence in your mix. Unlike some earlier models, the QuickStick battery and oxygen sensor can be serviced and replaced. If you want to make certain you know your mix of the boat, at dockside, or anywhere else, you need a Nuvair 02 QuickStick Nitrox Analyzer.

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