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scuba max snorkels
Scuba Max 100% Totally Dry Snorkel
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Scuba Max 100% Totally Dry Snorkel

Category:  Scuba Max Snorkels
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  • The Totally Dry Snorkel features state of the art technology to prevent water from re-entering the airway while submerged! Made from high quality materials with a high-tech look, style and most importantly performance.

    Should any water get into the snorkel the unique contoured ultra reservoir purge design allows for easiest snorkel clearing. Water is naturally forced out the bottom through the purge valve beneath the flow of air. A gentle exhale is all that is required to effectively clear the snorkel. Flex design combined with a swivel mouthpiece for better in-water positioning and added comfort. The Flex feature is also preferred by Scuba Divers because the mouthpiece hangs out of the way when not in use. The Totally Dry Snorkel features an improved streamlined design that naturally contours to the wearer overcoming much of the bulkiness commonly associated with "Dry" Designs. Includes an easy to use mask attachment clip (also called a snorkel retainer). A wonderful addition to or start of your snorkeling or diving system and makes a great gift!

    • Translucent Blue
    • Black
    • Shark Silver
    • Neon Yellow

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