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Accessories by Innovative

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    Innovative Accessories
    Skum Ball Octo Holder By Innovative
    Innovative Skum Ball Octo Holder
    Keep your Octo clean and handy. If you own an octo you must have a holder.
    Large Octo Holder By Innovative
    Innovative Large Octo Holder
    This Large Octo Holder comes with a split D-ring for attachment to your BCD.
    Dcsi Octo Holder W/Mthpic By Innovative
    Innovative Dcsi Octo Holder W/Mthpic
    This top-of-the-line octo holder offers easy insertion and quick release with elastic bands and a swivel clip.
    Standard Octo Holder With Velcro & Clip By Innovative
    Innovative Standard Octo Holder With Velcro & Clip
    This is a standard size Octo holder with Velcro strap & clip for attaching to your BCD. The Velcro attaches to the Octo holder and the clip easily attaches the Octo holder to the BCD.
    Replacement Tank Band By Innovative
    Innovative Replacement Tank Band
    Replacement Cylinder Cam Band with Buckle to fit most Buoyancy Compensators. Includes no slip strip for added security. Keep a spare with your Save-A-Dive Kit.
    Octopus Plug By Innovative
    Innovative Octopus Plug
    Plastic "Octo Plug" Octopus Holder.
    Octo Holder With Clip Connector By Innovative
    Innovative Octo Holder With Clip Connector
    Keep your Octo clean and handy. Octopus holder w/clip fits Standard size mouthpieces.

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