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    Scuba Regulators
    Buy scuba regulators online and at discount prices. Choose the highest quality scuba regulators from top-rated manufactures like Aeris, Oceanic, and more. Browse reviews from many other diving enthusiasts on the most popular scuba regulators available.
    V16 Proton  Regulator By Mares
    Mares V16 Proton Regulator
    Mares V16 Proton Primary Regulator Features Small and Light Weight, V32 First Stage, Aluminum Insets in Face and Mesh Purge Button.
    Zeta CDX-5 By Oceanic
    Oceanic Zeta CDX-5
    The smallest, most responsive regulator ever made. A special valve mechanism generally referred to as a servo-assisted pilot valve creates an amazingly effortless breathing system.
    Eagle Sport Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Eagle Sport Regulator
    The Eagle Sport Regulator by Dacor is a unique combination of performance, innovation and value. Dacor has a long standing reputation for quality scuba gear and the Eagle Sport is no exception.
    Oasis Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Oasis Regulator
    The first and simplest regulator designed to reduce dry mouth and throat, the Oasis features two special second-stage moisture-retention fins
    MR12-R2 Rebel Regulator By Mares
    Mares MR12-R2 Rebel Regulator
    The MR 12-R2 Rebel Regulator is a consistent easy-breathing regulator. Sturdy and highly-reliable, with top-notch performance.
    Octopus Proton Regulator By Mares
    Mares Octopus Proton Regulator
    The Octopus Proton Regulator is extremely compact and lightweight, with its one-of-a-kind look, this octopus is characterized by its small size.
    R2 Axis Pro By Mares
    Mares R2 Axis Pro
    R2 Axis The only regulator with a Mares piston first stage and the DFC system. Its simple construction and extraordinary toughness are matched by outstanding performance, even at great depths.
    Omega II CDX-5 By Oceanic
    Oceanic Omega II CDX-5
    The Omega II delivers effortless volumes of air thanks to its unique servo-assisted valve design.
    XStream Deep Black Regulator By Poseidon
    Poseidon XStream Deep Black Regulator
    The Xstream second stage has a well proven construction with a number of newly developed characteristics.
    Viper Tec America By Dacor
    Dacor Viper Tec America
    Dacor Viper Tec America DFC patented system controls air flow for consistent breath ability, SCS system for superior durability and performance, first stage had 6 ports 4 low and 2 high pressure
    Viper Metal Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Viper Metal Regulator
    The Viper Metal Regulator by Dacor features a unique look combined with a streamlined shape, the simple and effective Dynamic Flow Control system controls airflow for consistent breathability.
    Delta 4 Regulator By Oceanic
    Oceanic Delta 4 Regulator
    The Delta 4 is one hot new regulator ready to take on all challengers with improved performance, new features, improved styling.
    Price: $0.00
    Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator By Mares
    Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator
    The absolute Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator. This regulator, tested under the most demanding conditions, is the ideal companion for your dives.
    Odin Jetstream Regulator By Poseidon
    Poseidon Odin Jetstream Regulator
    Poseidons Jetstream offers incredibly easy breathing at all depths and guarantees you air however you are breathing.
    Brut Regulator By Sherwood
    Sherwood Brut Regulator
    Extremely rugged and reliable. Easy to service. When you rent out the same regulator up to three times a day, you demand all this plus precision performance.
    MR12 Proton Regulator By Mares
    Mares MR12 Proton Regulator
    The newly designed MR12 1st stage regulator features a newly styled yoke, dust cap, and soft grip knob.
    MR12 AXIS Regulator By Mares
    Mares MR12 AXIS Regulator
    The MR12 Axis Regulator from Mares features the historic, top performing, tried-and-tested, US Navy Approved MR12 first stage matched with easy breathing, simply reliable Axis Second Stage.
    MR-22 Abyss Regulator By Mares
    Mares MR-22 Abyss Regulator
    A new look with even higher performance. This regulator, tested under the most demanding conditions, is the ideal companion for your dives.
    Price: $0.00
    Viper America  Regulator By Dacor
    Dacor Viper America Regulator
    Dacor Viper America Primary Regulator Features Slim Design, High-Performance 1st Stage and Dynamic Flow Control

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    Top 10 Scuba Regulators
    1.Dacor Viper America Regulator
    2.Mares MR-22 Abyss Regulator
    3.Mares MR12 AXIS Regulator
    4.Mares MR12 Proton Regulator
    5.Sherwood Brut Regulator
    6.Poseidon Odin Jetstream Regulator
    7.Mares Abyss 2006 Dive Regulator
    8.Oceanic Delta 4 Regulator
    9.Dacor Viper Metal Regulator
    10.Dacor Viper Tec America

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