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Noise Makers by Innovative

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    Innovative Noise Makers
    Economy Whistle W/Lanyard By Innovative
    Innovative Economy Whistle W/Lanyard
    Every diver should have a whistle ready and available as an inexpensive precaution ...
    Scuba Whistle Fox 40 By Innovative
    Innovative Scuba Whistle Fox 40
    These patented "pea-less" whistles work even when soaking wet. Used by the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue.
    Price: $0.00
    Waterproof Whistle - Fin Design By Innovative
    Innovative Waterproof Whistle - Fin Design
    Fin design whistle on a key ring.
    Rescue Whistle By Innovative
    Innovative Rescue Whistle
    Our Rescue Whistle is a valuable safety accessory. Signal the boat or other divers on the surface.
    Price: $0.00
    Tank Banger By Innovative
    Innovative Tank Banger
    Easy to use and safer than banging on your tank with your knife. This easily fits on any tank and can be heard at great distances underwater!
    Price: $0.00
    Storm Safety Whistles By Innovative
    Innovative Storm Safety Whistles
    Storm Safety Whistles. These incredibly loud whistles work so well, they’ve been adopted by the Navy Seals!
    Inflate-Alert By Innovative
    Innovative Inflate-Alert
    Combines the power inflator with the Scub Alert underwater and above water horn. Can be used to retrofit most BCDs.
    Price: $0.00
    Wind Storm Safety Whistle By Innovative
    Innovative Wind Storm Safety Whistle
    Wind Storm Safety Whistles. These incredibly loud whistles work so well, they’ve been adopted by the Navy Seals! The Wind Storm Whistle is one size smaller than the Storm Safety Whistle.
    Aquatec Scub-Alert By Innovative
    Innovative Aquatec Scub-Alert
    Aqutec Scub Alert Signaling Device.

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