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    Flashers & Light Sticks
    Chemical Light Stick 4IN By Trident
    Trident Chemical Light Stick 4IN
    Chemical light stick 4 inches long. Activate by breaking capsule inside stick. Perfect for marker light to track your dive buddy in low light dives or night dives.
    Price: $0.00
    Glo-Toob FX Safety Light By Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous Glo-Toob FX Safety Light
    This High-Intensity waterproof light source has 7 programmable modes so you can choose the way your light source is displayed.
    Mini Flasher LED By Pelican
    Pelican Mini Flasher LED
    The 2130 is a hi visibility LED light that can be seen over half a mile away. Just twist to turn on. It is perfect for night time bicyclists and joggers. It is powered by 2 L1154 1.
    Price: $0.00
    Cyalume 6 Inch Stick By Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous Cyalume 6 Inch Stick
    Our experts have tested a lot of light sticks and these are the best on the market. Every dive bag should have at least one. Makes a great gift for young children as well! Physical length 6".
    Flashing Lazer-Stik Light Stick By Innovative
    Innovative Flashing Lazer-Stik Light Stick
    An economical, environmentally friendly alternative to regular chemical light sticks.
    Strobe 200 By Tektite
    Tektite Strobe 200
    Tektite STROBE 200 The Best Strobe Anywhere!Our Xenon strobe has nearly twice the burn time and is 30% brighter than competing strobes. Used by scuba divers, military and fire fighters worldwide.
    Mark-Lite Fire Fly By Tektite
    Tektite Mark-Lite Fire Fly
    The latest development in sub-miniature LED technology makes the Mark-Lite Fire Fly possible.
    Lazer-Stik Light Stick By Innovative
    Innovative Lazer-Stik Light Stick
    An economical, environmentally friendly alternative to regular chemical light sticks.
    Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling Device By Innovative
    Innovative Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling Device
    Shake things up next time your down! This lightweight, compact, underwater signaling device is audible over 30 feet away.
    Price: $0.00
    Buddy Call By Trident
    Trident Buddy Call
    Be heard when it really counts. The new underwater battery powered emergency and signaling device for divers.
    Aqua Sonic By Innovative
    Innovative Aqua Sonic
    The Aqua Sonic is the latest electronic underwater signaling device to come along in years.
    Price: $0.00

    Top 10 Flashers & Light Sticks
    1.Innovative Aqua Sonic
    2.Trident Buddy Call
    3.Innovative Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling Device
    4.Innovative Lazer-Stik Light Stick
    5.Tektite Mark-Lite Fire Fly
    6.Tektite Strobe 200
    7.Innovative Flashing Lazer-Stik Light Stick
    8.Miscellaneous Cyalume 6 Inch Stick
    9.Pelican Mini Flasher LED
    10.Miscellaneous Glo-Toob FX Safety Light

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