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Accessories By Innovative

Innovative Accessories
Innovative 10MM X 100MM Ss Carabiner
Stainless carabiner 10mm X 100mm
Innovative 4"SS Dbl End Snap
This 4" SS double end clip has a multitude of uses. We are sure you can find many ways to use this brass clip.
Innovative 5/8 Ss Swivel Eye Snap
Stainless Steel 5/8" Swivel eye snap clip is great for any of your dive needs!
Innovative 5MM Ss Quick Link
5mm SS Quick Link. Great accessory for any diver!
Innovative 6MM Stainless Spring Snap
6mm Stainless spring snap
Innovative All Metal Pro Snappy Coils
Secure your equipment and accessories with a 36" coiled lanyard.
Innovative Aluminum Dive Reel 250 ft
Dive Reel Aluminum 250ft is a highly reliable dive reel includes tensioner to keep reel from free spooling and new locking screw to stop the reel from spinning. Comes with 250 ft of line.
Innovative Aluminum Dive Reel 150 ft
Dive Reel Aluminum 150ft is a highly reliable dive reel that includes tensioner to keep reel from free spooling and new locking screw to stop the reel from spinning comes with 150 ft on line.
Innovative Anti Fouling Oceanus Reel
These reels have superior design features geared to the experienced diver who can't be bothered with free spooling line baskets and tangled line.
Innovative Brass Clip Dbl Eye 4.5 In
For use with any piece of dive gear and then some!
Innovative Brass O Ring Tool Pack
3-pack kit includes brass pick with Curved Point (Yellow), Angel Point (Orange), and O-Ring Carrier (Blue)
Innovative Brass Swivel Bolt Snap 5/8 In
Brass swivel bolt 5/8". A thousand and one uses.
Innovative Brass Swivel Snap
Brass swivel snap #3 is great for securing large or heavier items.
Innovative Coil Quick Release Dive Slate
This 5" x 6" slate is the ultimate "dive-cessory"! Coil expands to 36" for easy use when ever you need to jot down and underwater note.
Innovative Communications Slate
Saves time when you need it most! Includes 37 of the most common instructions, warnings, questions and directions divers need!
Innovative Comp Auto Lock Retractor
This retractor has the power of a larger unit and the benefit of 2 swivel clips. The extending nylon strap automatically locks at any length and retracts with the push of a button.
Innovative Concept Divers 2 Piece Wrench
This set of wrenches has the 4 most common wrench sizes for Air Hoses and other attachments.
Innovative Concept Divers Deluxe Tool Kit
This Divers Deluxe Tool Kit comes in a zippered pouch and includes 2 Scuba wrenches, a high quality crescent wrench, Phillips head and flat head screw drivers
Innovative Console Holder
Deluxe holder with swivel clip, quick release clip and padded strap.
Innovative Dcsi Cavern Reel 270FT Line
These reels include a line guide and a simple thumb actuated lock. Easy to wind in. High-Density plastic and stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion. Includes a stainless gate clip.
Innovative Dcsi Flt Line Holdr W/Line 100 Ft
Floating Line Holder. This is the economical way to carry, store and dispense line for your dive float.

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    2.Innovative Q2 Erasable Magnetic Slate
    3.Innovative Dry Pak 210 Waterproof Waist Pouch
    4.Innovative Evo Deluxe Snorkel Vest
    5.Innovative Scuba Lobster Loop with Lock
    6.Innovative Inflatable Float Dive Flag
    7.Innovative Deluxe Diver Tools - Repair Kit
    8.Innovative Ez Spring Fin Straps (pair)
    9.Innovative 15" X 20" Mesh Drawstring Bag
    10.Innovative Lobster Inn Bag with Zipper

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