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Accessories By Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Accessories
Miscellaneous 100 lb. Recovery Lift Bag
100 lb. Diver’s Recovery Lift Bag. For underwater artifact recovery and salvage. Nylon construction, lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.
Miscellaneous 50 lb. Recovery Lift Bag
50 lb. Diver’s Recovery Lift Bag. For underwater artifact recovery and salvage. Nylon construction, lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.
Miscellaneous Absolutely Clear Mask Defog
Absolutely Clear Mask Defog. The World's First ALL DAY No Fog. In a non-leaking paste. 4oz. tub. Just apply it once to your mask, and snorkel or dive all day without having to re-apply.
Miscellaneous Aluminum Snap Clip Accessories Holder
Aluminum snap clip is big and easy to use.
Miscellaneous Analox 02EII Nitrox Analyzer
The Analox O2EII® nitrox checker is a tried and tested analyser. It has taken the sport diving world by storm and is now the preferred analyser for nitrox divers.
Miscellaneous Bc Life Trial Size Bcd Cleaner
BC Life Trial SIze BCD Cleaner - Because BCD's are considered life support equipment, proper maintenance is crucial.
Miscellaneous Bison Carabiner 6CM Locking
One pin not enough? Try our two pin carabiner.
Miscellaneous Brass Swivel Clip no.3
Brass Swivel Clip no.3 - Use this #3 Brass Swivel clip for many of your attachment needs. Maybe a little heavier items like D-cell lights.
Miscellaneous Carabiner W/Web
Get a little extra with your carabiner. Try a Biner w/Web.
Miscellaneous Clip On Dive Slate
This 5" x 6" Dive Slate with Plastic BC Snap is great for writing messages to your buddy and making notes. Made of highly durable material for easier clean up and longer life.
Miscellaneous Compact Underwater Retractor
Use this neat retractor to keep small items at a handy location until they are needed.
Miscellaneous Deluxe Safe Second Holder
This multi-purpose Deluxe Safe Second Holder is a must have accessory. Designed to securely hold the Safe Second in place
Miscellaneous Glow-in-the-dark Pro Glow Slate
The PRO GLOW SLATE comes with both pencil clip and pencil tethered with latex tubing.
Miscellaneous Hose Holder for Scuba BC
Keep your gauge and octopus hoses close to your body with the economical hose holder that clips to your buoyancy compensator D-ring. The plastic clip swivels for easy attachment.
Miscellaneous Large Ss Carabiner Quick Clip
Large SS Carabiner Quick ...
Miscellaneous Lift Bag
Use this lift bag to raise bulky items off the water‘s floor. Excellent for the smaller salvage diver and a great teaching tool for advanced/wreck diver courses.
Miscellaneous Line Holder
Line Holder with 100 ft.
Miscellaneous Mini-Quest Underwater Erasable Slate
Underwater communication has been revolutionized! The Mini-Quest Underwater Erasable Slate is easy to use.
Miscellaneous Neoprene Eyeglass Case
This Neoprene Eyeglass Case will keep your glasses free from scratches and damage or safe in your bag. Featuring a cip to attach it wherever you want.
Miscellaneous Nitewriter II Lighted Slate
A night diving slate, the NITE WRITER II battery operated slate is illuminated from the inside, beneath the clear writing surface by super bright 5 mm LED bulbs.
Miscellaneous Nitrox Valve Protector
Nitrox Valve Protector - Use this scuba tank valve cover to easily identify your Nitrox and Enriched air cylinders.

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