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Accessories By Trident

Trident Accessories
Trident 50 Lb Lift Bag
Made from heavy urethane coated nylon. 50 lb lift capacity pocket lift bag.
Trident Dive Reel Multi Purpose
Diving or just general purpose utility use, Great for drift diving blue water safety stops when used with a lift bag to signal the boat ...
Trident Double Ended Brass
Clip, Double Ended Brass.
Trident Extra Lg Slate 8X10
Extra Large slate, Includes attached pencil.
Trident Glow Slate 4X6
This 3 1/2" X 5 7/8" glows in the dark!
Trident H20 Audio Nano W/Armband
Submerse your iPod Nano underwater and submerse yourself in sound!
Trident H20 Audio Waterproof Headphone
Waterproof headphones for the H2O Audio series.
Trident Hands Free Clip - Brass
This #3 Brass clip is great for keeping your gear safe and attached to you!
Trident Magna Clip Lanyard
Instead of using a standard quick release buckle the Magna clip uses a magnet with a 5lb tension point for sure holding power.
Trident Retractor 30 In. Clip To Ring
The Trident Retractor Clip to Ring 30 inch line retracts automatically after being pulled down and is a handy accessory to have on your next dive!
Trident Scubamaster Tool
The perfect tool for making those last minute adjustments and repairs before a dive.
Trident Wrist Slate
This handy slate has three writiting areas and wraps around your forearm with a velcro arm strap and includes a pencil.

Trident Scuba Equipment
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    Top 10 Trident Products
    1.Trident 2 Tank Holder With Gun Mount
    2.Trident Aluminum Underwater Noisemaker
    3.Trident Wrist Watchband Compass
    4.Trident Diveyak Single Seat Kayak
    5.Trident Compass Mini Slate W/Retractor
    6.Trident Dive Optix
    7.Trident Deluxe Tank Carrier
    8.Trident Easy Grip Fin Strap
    9.Trident Honest Phil Indicator - 3300 PSI
    10.Trident Optx Magnification Lenses Pair

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