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Masks By XS

XS Masks
XS Cortez Mask
XS Scuba Cortez Mask - Excellent fit on bigger faces. The Skirt is wider from top to bottom for a more comfortable feel and the Large lens gives this mask an incredible field of vision.
XS Fusion 2 Gauge Reader
Have you ever looked at your computer while diving and wished the numbers looked bigger? With the new Gauge Reader mask, that wish has now become a reality.
XS Fusion 2 Mask
Latest Technology in mask design. Beveled and bonded tempered lenses. Unsurpassed panoramic field of vison. Minimal distortion of vision. Dive it and see what you are missing.
XS Fusion Jr. Mask
XS Scuba Fusion Jr. Mask - This is a Perfect mask for hard to fit smaller and narrow faces. This is the XS Scuba Fusion 2 mask reduced in size by 15%.
XS Fusion Purge Mask
XS Scuba Fusion Purge Valve Mask - This is the popular Fusion mask with the addition of a purge valve. Exhale through your nose, and water is expelled through the one-way valve in the nose pocket.
XS Goby Mask
XS Scuba Goby Mask - This is the most narrow design by XS Scuba which is Perfect for kids and smaller faces.
XS Laguna Mask
XS Scuba Laguna Mask - This mask offers a low-profile design with sleek style. Large teardrop lenses enhance diver's downward vision.
XS Mask Bag
XS Scuba Mask Bag - Offers Fully Padded Construction with Mesh Vent Panel for Quick Drying. A Velcro Top Allows Storage w/ Snorkel attached. Has a Convenient On/Off with an Annex Clip.
XS Merge Mask
XS Scuba Merge Mask - This mask shows the Latest Design in Frameless Style Masks, with a Semi-Frame Construction... Merging the Best of Framed & Frameless Masks.
XS Metro Mask
This twin lens style mask has been one of the most popular versions of any diving or snorkel masks for years. And with this inexpensive version, you can't go wrong.
XS Xs Scuba M Line View 3 Purge Dive Mask
Xs Scuba M Line View 3 Purge Dive Mask - Same As Ocean Master Triview Purge Scuba Mask!
XS Xs Scuba M Line Z Quad Purge Dive Mask
Xs Scuba M Line Z Quad Purge Dive Mask - Same As Ocean Master Equalizer Z4 Scuba Mask!

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