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Octos & Spare Air By Atomic

Atomic Octos & Spare Air
Atomic Aquatics B2 Swivel Octopus
Aquatics B2 Swivel Octopus is the next generation of the highly acclaimed Atomic Aquatics B1 regulator
Atomic Aquatics M1 Octopus
Crazy Price $350.00 Built on the same platform as the Ti2 and Z1, the Atomic Aquatics M1 Octopus has some unique features that make it the choice for certain extended range applications.
Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second Inflator
Crazy Price $249.00 The Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second Inflator is the newest and most sophisticated product of its type, taking the concept to new levels of convenience, reliability and performance.
Atomic Aquatics Ti2 Octopus
Crazy Price $350.00 The worlds’ first and only back-up second stage featuring all titanium metallic components for the lightest weight and total corrosion resistance.
Atomic Atomic Aquatics Z2 Octopus
Aquatics Z2 Octopus shares the same high performance breathing characteristics and patented design features found in our more expensive models.
Atomic SS1 Oct/Infl Ss
The newest and most technically advanced safe-second/inflator ever developed.

Atomic Scuba Equipment
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