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Octos & Spare Air By Sherwood

Sherwood Octos & Spare Air
Sherwood Dual Octo
Sherwood Dual Octo Scuba Regulator Low Profile New for 2006!
Sherwood Gemini Breathable Octo/Inflator
eplaces the conventional BC power inflator and back up second stage regulator by combining the functions of both in a single convenient unit.
Sherwood Minimus Octos
First Choice of Rental Operators and Resorts, Extremely rugged and reliable. Easy to service. Precision performance.
Sherwood Shadow Plus Octos
reliability in an inflator-integrated design that links directly to your BC. Easy-to-grab, with no dangling hose, this backup air source lies flat against your chest.
Sherwood Sherwood Shadow Octo Free Shipping
The Shadow octo couples directly to your BC. Replaces the BC hose and reduces the number of LP hoses needed.
Sherwood Standard Octo
Our most affordable octopus, with Sherwood‘s rugged reliability and features - including a compact, unobtrusive exhaust tee.

Sherwood Scuba Equipment
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