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Regulators By Aeris

Aeris Regulators
Aeris A1 Regulator
The ultimate performance to value ratio. The A1 Regulator is a great performer at a great price.
Aeris Aeris Ion Regulator
Crazy Price $499.95After four years of development, AERIS is proud to introduce the ultimate mini-breather.
Aeris AT 400 Pro Regulator
The AT 400 Pro Regulator from Aeris features the high performance, over-balanced diaphragm AT 400 First Stage with DVT (Dry Valve Technology) paired with the pneumatically balanced...
Aeris Atmos AT400 Sport Regulator
Dry Valve Technology (DVT) is a revolutionary regulator technology designed to automatically reduce moisture and contaminants from entering your first stage inlet.
Aeris Atmos Pro Balanced Regulator
The Atmos Pro Balanced Regulator is pneumatically balanced, & is sure to provide you the highest performance for many years!
Aeris Atmos Pro Regulator
This pneumatically balanced, adjustable 2nd stage will provide you the highest performance for many years. Pneumatic balancing 2nd stage provides the lowest possible inhalation effort.
Aeris Atmos Sport Regulator
The Atmos Sport is a great regulator for the beginning diver or for the more experienced diver who may be using Nitrox.
Aeris Din Conversion Kit For A1 Regulators
Yoke to DIN conversion kit for Aeris A1 regulators.
Aeris Ion Regulator W Dvt Free Shipping
After four years of development, AERIS is proud to introduce the ultimate mini-breather.

Aeris Scuba Equipment
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