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Regulators By Cressi Sub

Cressi Sub Regulators
Cressi Sub Airplus Diaphragm Regulator
Utilizing the same versatile high flow first stage as the Airtech, the Cressi-sub diaphragm featurres four low-pressure ports
Cressi Sub Airtech Diaphragm Regulator
The Airtech is perfect for the diver looking for consistent high performance under all conditions. This regulator is pneumatically balanced.
Cressi Sub Airtech Piston Regulator
For the diver looking for consistent high performance under all diving conditions, the Cressi-sub pneumatically balanced Airtech 2nd stage is the ideal choice.
Cressi Sub Cressi Sub Ellipse Alaska /Mc7 Af Regulator Free Shipping
This model has been designed mainly for use in cold water.
Cressi Sub Cressi Sub Ellipse Black /Ac2 Regulator Free Shipping
The younger brother of Ellipse Titanium, it imitates all the exceptional features of the leading regulator, with a casing made from sophisticated and strong hi-tech polymers (Ellipse Black).
Cressi Sub Ellipse Alaska Titanium Regulator
New version of the Ellipse Titanium, for divers who mainly use regulators in cold water.
Cressi Sub Ellipse Black / MC5 Regulator
New regulator made up of the lightweight second stage Ellipse with an ultra durable, high impact thermo polymer cover (Black version) combined with the brand new, never before seen MC5 balanced ...
Cressi Sub Ellipse In-Line Regulator
The Ellipse is almost weightless, eliminating uncomfortable jaw fatigue during diving. Made with corrosion resistant marine brass, the Ellipse utilizes a durable, satin chrome plated finish.
Cressi Sub Ellipse Piston
Ellipse Piston offers top level performance, as well as being strong, light and reliable.
Cressi Sub Ellipse Steel / AC10 Regulator
Ellipse Steel 2nd stage + Balanced Piston 1st ...
Cressi Sub Ellipse Steel / MC5 Regulator
New regulator made up of the excellent Ellipse second stage with steel cap (Steel version) combined with the brand new, never before seen MC5 diaphragm first stage.
Cressi Sub Ellipse Titanium Regulator
The Ellipse Titanium second stage regulator features a breakthrough patented design that utilizes an elliptical shape which allows for use of a larger diaphragm, resulting in less breathing effort.

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