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Regulators By Dacor

Dacor Regulators
Dacor Eagle DPD Regulator
The Eagle DPD is characterized by its extremely lightweight second stage with top-level performance.
Dacor Eagle Pro DPD Regulator
This regulator by Dacor features a unique look combined with unbeatable lightness, the simple and effective DPD (Dive/Pre-Dive) system matched with an ergonomic Balanced Diaphragm First Stage.
Dacor Eagle Regulator
Dacors Eagle Regulator is small lightweight and easy to breath. 1st stage has 5 ports, 4 low pressure and 1 high pressure. 2nd stage has Vortex assisted design
Dacor Eagle Sport Regulator
The Eagle Sport Regulator by Dacor is a unique combination of performance, innovation and value. Dacor has a long standing reputation for quality scuba gear and the Eagle Sport is no exception.
Dacor Trainer Pro Regulator
PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE, ENTRY LEVEL PRICE. If you believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice performance for price, the DACOR TRAINER PRO REGULATOR is for you.
Dacor Viper America Regulator
Dacor Viper America Primary Regulator Features Slim Design, High-Performance 1st Stage and Dynamic Flow Control

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