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Regulators By Genesis

Genesis Regulators
Genesis Atlas Regulator
The Genesis Atlas regulator offers performance and economy in a neat package.
Genesis DIN Adapter for 1st Stage Genesis Regulators
Genesis DIN 300 Adapter Genesis DIN Regulator Adapter Features: 300 bar DIN outlet Required connection for pressures above 3000 psi HyperFlo porting for unmatched air delivery...
Genesis Din To yoke Adaptor
Genesis Genesis Atlas Gr440 Regulator Free Shipping
Superior simplicity. High performance regulator. Pre-dive/dive switch. D.A.D. (Dry Air Demand) First Stage.
Genesis Genesis Yukon Gr320 Regulator
Exceptional dependability. ABS/Polycarbonate housing. Factory set diver inhalation effort. Flow-by piston first stage.
Genesis GS-2000 Regulator
The Genesis GS2000 regulator is a perfect high performance diver adjustable regulator at an extremely low price.

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