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Regulators By IST

IST Regulators
IST Ist R 20 Rodales Testers Choice High Performance Regulator
Lightweight second stage is made of a special polymer resin which reduces jaw fatigue and helps make your dive more comfortable.
IST R10 Adjustable Balanced Piston Regulator
The new IST R10 Adjustable Balanced Piston Regulator is a winner!
IST R20 Regulator
The new IST R20 Balanced Piston Regulator is a winner. R20 a regulator made with superb precision engineering, designed for reliable functionality, effortless breathing, easy maintenance and safety.
IST R-3000 Balanced Piston Regulator
This was ISTs Top selling regulator for the past few years. If you are a short person, it allows you to wear your BC slightly lower on your tank
IST Replacement Hose For Scuba Regulators 27 In.
27" Replacement LP Hose for Scuba Regulators. Standard size 3/8" fitting.
IST Replacement Mouthpiece for Scuba Regulators & some Snorkels
Replacement mouthpiece fits about any regulator.

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