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Regulators By Sherwood

Sherwood Regulators
Sherwood Blizzard Regulator
Professional or enthusiast, if cold-water divings your thing, Blizzard is your regulator. The first regulator specifically designed for these extreme conditions.
Sherwood Blizzard Srb7900 Free Shipping
The Blizzard is the ideal cold water diving regulator.
Sherwood Brut Regulator
Extremely rugged and reliable. Easy to service. When you rent out the same regulator up to three times a day, you demand all this plus precision performance.
Sherwood Magnum Regulator
Ready to pack-up and go, this compact, precision-crafted performer is the regulator of choice for many recreational divers.
Sherwood Maximus Regulator
The ideal choice for advanced, professional, cave and wreck divers, Extremely compact and comfortable regulator.
Sherwood Maximus Srb7600 Free Shipping
The ideal choice for advanced and professional divers, the Sherwood Maximus is an extremely compact and comfortable regulator thats big on performance.
Sherwood Oasis Regulator
The first and simplest regulator designed to reduce dry mouth and throat, the Oasis features two special second-stage moisture-retention fins
Sherwood Oasis Regulator
If youre a warm-water diver who gets that awful feeling of dry mouth, you are going to love Oasis with moisture-retention fins that keep your mouth cool and comfortable.
Sherwood SR1 Regulator
SR high performance regulator is NOW AVAILABLE. With superior breathing performance of less than 0.5 joules/liter, W.O.B. at 165 fsw, 62.

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