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Regulators By Tusa

Tusa Regulators
Tusa Duo-air Inflation Regulator IR-3
Combines Octopus Regulator And Power Inflator on A Single Hose
Tusa Platina Evolution RS-240 Regulator
TUSA Platina Evolution RS-240 Regulator TUSA achieves the ideal balance of high performance breathing and comfort with the introduction of the RS-240 Platina regulator TUSA engineers used ...
Tusa Regulator Dust Cap Black
Black Regulator Dust Cap
Tusa RS 520 Regulator
The RS-520 regulator is the latest TUSA first and second stage that delivers excellent quality in an affordable, lightweight, travel-friendly system.
Tusa RS 530 Regulator
The RS-530 regulator is one of the latest TUSA first and second stages that delivers excellent quality in an affordable, lightweight, travel-friendly system.
Tusa RS 670 Regulator
The RS-670 is TUSA's latest regulator that delivers superior performance and quality in a compact lightweight travel-friendly system.
Tusa RS-110 Regulator
Tusas RS-110 Regulator packs a lot of performance into a compact,lightweight design. Lightweight 22 oz., balanced piston first stage, two HP ports and four LP ports, hard anodized aluminum LP
Tusa RS-130 Regulator
Tusas RS-130 Regulator features a first stage weigh in at a mere 22 oz., making it the lightest in its class. Balanced piston first stage to ensure constant and steady air flow.
Tusa RS-230 Regulator
Tusas RS-230 Regulator features a first stage that is a balanced diaphragm system with 4 high pressure ports and 2 low,sure ports, 2nd stage adjustment to control the ease breathing.
Tusa RS-240 Regulator
TUSA RS-240 is the newest introduction to the Tusa regulator line. It features the R-200 flat first stage with left-right hose port symmetry.
Tusa RS-340 Regulator
The RS-340 regulator is equipped with a swivel joint between the second stage and L.P. hose to minimize the pulling feeling.
Tusa RS-350 Regulator
BRAND NEW FROM TUSA! The Tusa RS-350 is the most revolutionary regulator ever produced by Tusa, incorporating filtering technology never before used on any regulator.
Tusa RS-460 X-Pert Regulator
The ports feature two high flow low-pressure ports to optimize second stage performance for easier breathing.
Tusa SS-10 Safe Second Stage
Lighter and smaller, the SS-10 combines a large discharge valve with a deflection tube and deflector to reduce exhaust resistance.
Tusa Tusa Platina Balanced Piston Dive Regulators
The RS-130 combines the basic functions of the RS-110 with a breathing resistance adjustment function.

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