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Safety Gear By Innovative

Innovative Safety Gear
Innovative 48in. Viynyl Signal Tube
48in. Vinyl Safety Signal Tube with Weighted Lead Bottom Easily inflates by free flowing air from regulator.
Innovative 72in. Cordura Signal Tube
72in. Cordura Signal Tube
Innovative 75ft Safety Throw Rope
75 feet of rope in a self contained bag, Great product for the boat or beach...when you need it you‘ll be glad you‘ve got it. Used by professional rescue teams.
Innovative Aqua Maraca Underwater Signaling Device
Shake things up next time your down! This lightweight, compact, underwater signaling device is audible over 30 feet away.
Innovative Aqua Sonic
The Aqua Sonic is the latest electronic underwater signaling device to come along in years.
Innovative Aquatec Scub-Alert
Aqutec Scub Alert Signaling Device.
Innovative Concept 20X24 Vinyl Stiff Flag
Vinyl diver down boat flag with stiffener. Includes 3 grommets.
Innovative Dcsi 2 Pc Cylinder Float Flag
Standard 2 piece shaft with flag, float, and weight. Tow it with you as you dive. Collapses down for top-side transportation.
Innovative Deluxe Med Tube First Aid Kit
This Deluxe Med Tube First Aid Kit is a must have! Compact, waterproof storage tube keeps contents ready should you need them.
Innovative Dive Flag For Your Snorkel Check It Out!
Be safe and be seen by passing boats, etc. This snorkel flag is designed to give maximum visability with a minimum distraction to the snorkeler.
Innovative Dive Flag With Inflatable Float
Inflatable FLAG-N-FLOAT. All SCUBA divers need a floating flag when diving from shore and this is a perfect solution.
Innovative Diver Safety Signaling Kit
Be seen and heard when you want or need to be with this Diver’s Safety Kit. Safety equipment that can easily be carried with you on every dive.
Innovative Ear Drops 1 Oz. Bottle
Use these ear drops to help dry and relieve water-clogged ears after swimming, showering, bathing, washing your hair, diving, snorkeling, surfing, water skiing, etc.
Innovative Economy Whistle W/Lanyard
Every diver should have a whistle ready and available as an inexpensive precaution ...
Innovative First Aid Kit Medium
53 piece with surgical shears.
Innovative First Aid Kit Tube
Stows easily in your gear bags 53 piece first aid kit.
Innovative First Aid Refill 89 Piece
89 piece refill kit does not include shears.
Innovative Flag Float Inflatable
Inflates to 13" in diameter, and 14" tall before insertion of dive flag. Makes a great wreck marker as well.
Innovative Flashing Lazer-Stik Light Stick
An economical, environmentally friendly alternative to regular chemical light sticks.
Innovative Inflatable Float Dive Flag
Our most popular float and flag. It‘s highly visible, easy to illuminate, easy to pack down into a small space, simple to tow, and holds a few water bottles for your return to the surface.
Innovative Inflate-Alert
Combines the power inflator with the Scub Alert underwater and above water horn. Can be used to retrofit most BCDs.

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